Introducing Project Nebula

Simple workflow automation to continuously deploy cloud-native applications and infrastructure.
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Curate and share workflows

Use simple, easy-to-compose workflows to deliver applications confidently. Develop workflows based on your deployment standards, and easily share them across teams. Free up your time by automating what features devs need to ship software.

Use your existing toolchain

Enable deployments that use your toolchain. Terraform, Helm, Slack, and more bring together disparate tools by authoring a single workflow. Share workflows with the community. Don’t ditch the tools you’re using, just enjoy the automation.

Shape the future of your cloud

Our vision? A central place to see all of your workflows across teams, deployments, applications, and infrastructure. Roll back easily as needed. Audit to keep tabs. Get insights that will improve your workflows. Rinse and repeat.

Nebula dashboard screenshot

Automate app delivery, continuously and confidently

Project Nebula automates continuous deployment of applications to multiple cloud-native targets. Author your workflow in YAML, check that into a source control repository, and Project Nebula will take care of the rest. Need to execute a canary or blue/green deployment? We’ve got you covered.

Nebula dashboard screenshot
If you’d like to be one of the first to use Project Nebula, register for the beta.

To learn more about the product, check out our documentation.

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