Your platform to deliver better software faster across all your devices.

Whether you’re looking to securely scale your automation practice to hundreds of thousands of machines or integrate with the critical components of your CI/CD pipeline, Puppet Enterprise has you covered. We give you the platform you need to deliver and operate constantly modern software. Simply, at scale, and securely.


High availability & scale

Built for enterprise scale and high availability, Puppet Enterprise manages mission-critical infrastructure for the world's largest organizations.


Integrations & modules

If it has an IP address, you can manage it with Puppet. Whether you need greenfield automation on AWS or Azure, or you’re running AIX and WebSphere in your data center, Puppet Enterprise brings its automation power to today's and tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Integrations & modules

Core components

Puppet Enterprise is built on a foundation of core components relied on by more than 40,000 companies around the world.


Platform security

DevOps speed and agility can’t come at the expense of security and reliability. Enterprise gives you a proven, secure and scalable foundation for your DevOps initiative.

Platform Security

“With so many different legacy IT systems running at once, the company was spending a disproportionate amount of time fighting fires. Now IT operations uses Puppet to maintain configuration parity between development, staging, and production environments for various major applications.”

Dan Spurling, VP of technology service, Getty Images

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