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AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise is a fully managed service hosted on AWS. You get all the benefits of Puppet Enterprise combined with the convenience of automatic updates, backups and restorations and flexibility of consumption-based hourly billing.

It’s easy to get started with AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise. In 10 minutes, you can have Puppet Enterprise up and running on AWS. AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise lets you focus on automating your cloud infrastructure while the service ensures that your Puppet infrastructure is up-to-date and functioning properly.

OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise includes workflows tailored to the cloud that make it easy to automate management of your AWS cloud environment.

  • Manage the Puppet Enterprise server with your interface of choice—the Puppet Enterprise console (GUI), AWS Management Console, and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Get automated updates to the Puppet Enterprise server.
  • Specify maintenance windows for routine maintenance.
  • Automate backup and restoration, which provides flexibility to migrate Puppet Masters across virtual machines making recovery from outages automatic.  
  • Only pay for what you consume with flexible consumption-based hourly billing.
  • Register nodes without signing a certificate signing request on the Puppet Master.
  • Connect to your module code repository is established as part of the provisioning process.
  • If you don't have an existing code repo, take advantage of an AWS managed source control (CodeCommit) repository to securely store your infrastructure code.

OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise also allows you to connect any on-premises machines or cloud instances so you can efficiently manage your hybrid cloud environments.

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OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise

In our old model, it took several weeks, and with Puppet on top of automating the underlying infrastructure in the cloud, we deliver in about an hour.

Evan Scheessele, master engineer of cloud platforms, HP

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