Easily execute ad hoc tasks across your infrastructure

Puppet’s model-driven approach is great for managing infrastructure, but sometimes you just need to make point-in-time changes, whether it’s troubleshooting or deploying one-off changes to systems, or automating sequenced changes that need to happen in a particular order.

Task Management in Puppet Enterprise complements Puppet’s model-driven approach by adding the ability to easily automate ad hoc tasks across your infrastructure and applications. It’s easy to troubleshoot systems, deploy one-off changes, and execute ordered, sequenced actions as part of an application deployment workflow.

With Task Management, you get all the benefits of ad hoc task execution found in Puppet Bolt™, plus scale, governance, flexibility and team-oriented workflows built right in.

Puppet Tasks


Instantly run ad hoc tasks directly across tens of thousands of nodes, and scale your automation footprint faster. You can easily initiate a task across a large number of systems and execute it on as many systems at a time as needed.


Control who can run which tasks with role-based access control. And view an audit history of every action taken on every connected device to improve collaboration, eliminate the black box problem of task execution, and enable compliance.


Run tasks directly from your tools of choice. Orchestrate tasks with the click of a button from the Puppet Enterprise web UI, or via the command line and APIs. Plus, you can filter your infrastructure and target portions of your environment for task runs based on any attributes or events that Puppet knows about your environments.

Get started faster

Leverage the more than 5,000 modules of pre-written configuration code already available on the Puppet Forge to automate more repetitive work and extend your automation footprint faster.

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