Today, every company needs to behave like a software company and ship better software faster.
Automation lays the foundation by giving you a standard, consistent way to deliver and operate all of your software.
As you progress toward becoming an automated enterprise, Puppet is here to help.

Puppet automation portfolio

Puppet’s products gives you continuous discovery and automation across your entire software delivery lifecycle.

Puppet Discovery™

Know exactly what’s running across your infrastructure, whether in containers, the cloud, or on-premises.

Puppet Discovery™

Puppet Enterprise

Automate the delivery and operation of all of your software, spanning infrastructure and applications.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Pipelines™

Accelerate software delivery with unified development and operations workflows.

Learn more about Puppet Pipelines™ for Applications, Puppet Pipelines™ for Containers, and Puppet® Container Registry.

Puppet Pipelines™

Open source products

Open source Puppet

Learn more about the Puppet open source projects that are used by more than 35,000 companies worldwide, including 75% of the Fortune 100.

Puppet Bolt™

Troubleshoot systems, deploy one-off changes, and execute sequenced actions in a procedural way.


Know what your Docker images and running containers are made of at scale, no matter how short-lived your containers are.

From startups to 75% of the Fortune 100, thousands of companies rely on Puppet.
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