Forget spreadsheets and clunky CMDBs. Get dynamic, real-time inventory across your infrastructure — and act.

Why choose between model-driven and task-based automation? Puppet Enterprise delivers both, and a lot more.

CI/CD never looked so good or performed better. Our integrated platform simplifies software delivery and lets you deliver faster.

Until now, it hasn’t been easy enough to measure the ROI of your DevOps investment, or to benchmark performance.

Know what you have with Puppet Discovery

Puppet Discovery is the most powerful discovery tool on the market because it allows you to forage and take action on all your traditional, cloud and container resources, and get an accurate, real-time picture of your IT inventory in your data center or the cloud. With Puppet Discovery, you always know what's running where — a critical first step to pervasive automation.

Puppet Discovery

Manage it all with Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is a complete configuration management platform that gives you both task-based and model-driven automation in a single solution. It ensures consistency across your containers, VMs, and bare-metal servers by defining your infrastructure as code, whether you have a 100 or 100,000 nodes in the cloud, on-premise data centers, or both. And to deliver changes confidently, Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise makes it easy to test, promote and deploy infrastructure code as part of a CI/CD pipeline.

Puppet enterprise

Deliver applications faster with Puppet Pipelines

Puppet Pipelines makes continuous integration and delivery of your software on traditional or containerized infrastructure easy by pulling together all your existing tools and giving you flexibility to deploy your way. If you don’t already have CI/CD tools, Puppet Pipelines provides them and gives you full control over and visibility into your software deployments running on premises or in the cloud.

Measure your DevOps practice with Puppet Insights

Puppet Insights helps you measure and optimize your DevOps practice by aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing the key metrics that matter across your entire software delivery toolchain. Use beautiful dashboards and reports to find out how your teams are performing, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and benchmark the velocity, quality, and impact of your software delivery practice.

Puppet Insights

Start your journey to pervasive automation

Puppet meets you where you are with a variety of pricing tiers and support options to get you started. Learn more and explore the options that best meet your company needs.

Other open source projects

The Puppet ecosystem includes more than 40 open source projects, used by organizations around the globe.

Open source Puppet

Puppet is the de facto standard for automation because it’s simple, intuitive, scalable and leads to great DevOps.

Puppet Container Registry

Easily host Docker images within your infrastructure and get a unified view of all your images stored in local and remote repositories.

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