Enforce with Puppet Enterprise

Go from simple tasks to managing change across distributed  infrastructure and teams and keep it all compliant from one platform.

  • Continuously enforce and prove compliance
  • Delegate work safely and comply with security policies with granular RBAC
  • Get detailed compliance reporting
  • Leverage modules for CIS, SIMP and more

Secure with Puppet Remediate

Remove the error-prone and manual steps of vulnerability remediation.

  • Integrate with Qualys, Tenable or Rapid7
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk
  • Take action and remediate vulnerable packages and services

Deliver with Lyra

Provision and manage cloud-native infrastructure using infrastructure as code.

  • Orchestrate workflows that manage cloud-native resources across their lifecycle
  • Enable devs to self-service compliant cloud-native infrastructure

Powered by Open Source

Check out these open source projects and more.

  • Bolt: Next generation task automation. Agentless and easy to get started.
  • Puppet OSS: The world’s most popular infrastructure-as-code language and automation framework.
  • Lyra: Workflow engine for provisioning and orchestrating cloud native infrastructure.

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