Want to improve your security posture?

The 2019 State of DevOps Report tells you how.

Enforce compliance across your infrastructure

Use Puppet Enterprise to automate infrastructure provisioning to adhere to security and compliance policies. Create hardened baseline configurations to meet regulatory standards like PCI, SOX, GDPR, CIS, and SIMP - and keep them from drifting. Make patching and updating stress-free.

Automate and orchestrate ad-hoc tasks

Bolt connects to remote systems via SSH and WinRM in any language to run one-off tasks or orchestrate complex plans. Reuse existing scripts in Bash, PowerShell, Python or any other language. Orchestrate tasks like starting and stopping services, reboot remote systems, gather packages and more.

Bring modern continuous delivery practices to your infrastructure

Use capabilities like Impact Analysis to assess the impact of a proposed Puppet code change before deploying. Ensure changes only affect the intended configurations on specific targets.

Get ahead with integrations and modules from the Forge

Check out the Puppet Forge and try various modules built by and for DevOps experts, like you.

Secure infrastructure with faster vulnerability remediation

Use Puppet Remediate to remove the error-prone and manual steps of vulnerability remediation. We integrate with Qualys, Tenable or Rapid7 to help prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk level, and simplify how you remediate vulnerable packages and services.


Strengthen compliance to improve infrastructure security

DevOps teams rely on Puppet Enterprise to automate and enforce patch management and reduce potential vulnerabilities. Automate compliance reporting to speed up and strengthen how your IT teams demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Automate and orchestrate compliance reporting with Splunk

See how Bolt and Splunk help DevOps teams automate compliance reporting with ease. Learn more about key Puppet Enterprise integrations with Splunk that takes this use case further at scale.

Deliver and deploy applications and infrastructure continuously, confidently

Project Nebula automates continuous deployment of applications to multiple cloud-native targets. Simply author your workflow in YAML, check that into a source control repository, and Project Nebula will take care of the rest. Execute a canary or blue/green deployments with ease. Integrate with your existing toolchain (Terraform, Helm, Slack, and more).

Powered by Open Source

Check out these open source projects and more.

  • Bolt: Next generation task automation. Agentless and easy to get started.
  • Puppet OSS: The world’s most popular infrastructure-as-code language and automation framework.
  • Lyra: Workflow engine for provisioning and orchestrating cloud native infrastructure.

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