Manage the lifecycle of your VMware infrastructure

Virtualization is supposed to make you more efficient and agile, but often, virtual machine (VM) sprawl and configuration drift actually slow you down. Puppet Enterprise eliminates configuration drift by automatically maintaining the desired state of your VMs and the applications running on them. Plus you get full visibility into your virtual infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.

Provision, configure & manage your vSphere VMs

The Puppet Enterprise vSphere module can be used to provision virtual machines consistently and repeatedly. The module lets you treat your virtual infrastructure as code, so you can:

  • Automate provisioning of new application stacks in vSphere.
  • Automatically and dynamically add virtual infrastructure, based on external data.

vRealize Automation

VMware® vRealize™ Automation is a cloud automation platform that lets administrators configure policy-based IT services — from infrastructure through full application stacks — and make them available to users via a self-service portal. vRealize Automation Application Services integrates with Puppet Enterprise, so you can use Puppet to build multi-tier stacks with one click deploys from the vRealization Automation catalog.

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) allows admins to automate IT workflows that would normally require multiple manual steps. The vRO Puppet plugin is a collection of workflows that let you automate installation of the Puppet agent onto a node, including certificate signing and node classification. The plugin is available on VMware's Solution Exchange.

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Before, when we would have to deploy two servers, it would take twice as long as one; it didn't scale. So we would always have this human resource problem, or if we had to deploy 30 servers, then it would take a very long time, there's nothing we could do about that. Not to mention that manual configurations always led to environment issues. Now with Puppet and VMware, we can just quickly deploy the servers and let VMware take care of it. So now that one person, it frees up their whole week.
Bryan Andrews, application services manager, phoenixNAP
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