Easily provision and deploy GCE resources and Kubernetes clusters

Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google's open source Kubernetes project have become the leading technologies for building on-demand container clusters. The Puppet modules for GCE and Kubernetes, freely available on the Puppet Forge, quickly get virtual machines created and Kubernetes applications deployed for you.

Automate Google Compute Engine with Puppet Enterprise

Google Compute Engine enables rapid provisioning of on-demand virtual machines with pay-by-the-minute pricing. But having compute resources available on demand is just one part of the equation. Once you've got your VMs created, you need them configured to do their job.

Puppet offers a Forge module to create GCE instances automatically. The module manages Puppet Enterprise master instances and installs Puppet Enterprise on your application VMs, allowing you to go from zero to a fully automated GCE infrastructure in minutes.

Programmatically deploy Kubernetes apps

Google’s open source Kubernetes project is a powerful tool to fully automate the deployment and management of Docker container clusters. The Kubernetes Puppet module lets you use the Puppet domain-specific programming language to manage the application configuration data in Kubernetes. Not only do you get a sweet programming language to make managing Kubernetes easier, the language also brings the core configuration management practices of identification, control, status and accounting plus verification and audit to Kubernetes deployments.

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With Puppet, the tool of our choice for server management, you can easily define and create your cluster of [Google] Compute instances and get the software installed and configured quickly.
Nico Puhlmann, founder and CEO, Stetic
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