Bolt: open source, agentless IT automation

Spend less time on manual tasks and get more ship done with our open source task orchestrator. It's ready for any user, any language, any OS. AND no Puppet experience or agents necessary.
Get started 

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Bring order to the chaos with orchestration

Run simple plans to rid yourself of the headaches of orchestrating complex workflows. Create and share Bolt plans to easily expand across your application stack.

Use what you have to automate simple tasks or complex workflows

Get going with your existing scripts and plans, including YAML, PowerShell, Bash, Python or Ruby, or reuse content from the Puppet Forge. Bolt supports recycling existing code (we are headquartered in Portland, Oregon after all).


Combine the best of both agentless and agent-based in one platform

For large organizations that need governance, flexibility, and team-oriented workflows built-in, easily move from Bolt to Puppet Enterprise. Scale your automation with the control you need and the flexibility you want, with or without an agent.

Get up and running with Bolt even faster

Speed up your Bolt knowledge with a step-by-step introduction to basic Bolt functionality with a hands-on lab and free self-paced training.

Leverage our community and partners

Join our supportive, active community of thousands of people who are making Puppet better — and making IT a better place to work.

Get started with thousands of prebuilt tasks

Get started managing your infrastructure quickly by choosing from thousands of prebuilt Puppet Forge tasks. Automating everything from DNS and NTP to Apache web servers, MySQL database servers, AWS, Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters, and much more.

Stay up to date on new Bolt features and releases.

To learn more about the Bolt, check out our documentation.

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