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Puppet Language Basics

Welcome to Puppet Language Basics! This beginner-level course will cover the fundamentals of the Puppet language and should be a first step for anyone new to Puppet Enterprise or Open Source Puppet. You don’t need any previous Puppet knowledge or software in order to follow along. This course introduces five fundamental Puppet language concepts: Resources, Classes, Modules, Variables, and Metaparameters. Each section is accompanied by a short video as well as some explainer text to give you additional context for each concept.
Total time:30 minutes Materials needed:NoneProducts used:Puppet language, Open Source Puppet

Who this course is for:

This course is for those who have not used Puppet, or those who are new to coding and the Puppet language and are looking for an introduction to how Puppet works. No pre-existing knowledge of Puppet is necessary.

What this course covers:

This course introduces the concept of declarative language and shows you how to identify and work with the different parts of the Puppet language.

What this course does not cover:

This course does not cover intermediate or advanced Puppet language concepts, Puppet Enterprise interface navigation, or product-specific information.