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Intro to Bolt

Welcome to Intro to Bolt! This beginner-level course will introduce you to Bolt, an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for solving problems and automating system administration tasks. You will learn how to join the thousands of people who successfully use Bolt daily to automate away those fiddly, tedious tasks that so often eat up your day, so you can spend more of your time and energy focusing on the parts of the job that you enjoy the most.
Total time:90 minutesMaterials needed:NoneProduct used:Bolt

Who this course is for:

This class is aimed at Linux, macOS, or Windows system administrators who need to manage remote computers from one central location. Zero knowledge of Bolt or Puppet is assumed.

What this course covers:

This course introduces Bolt basics and shows you everything you need to know to use Bolt to solve real-world problems. It is broken into three sections.

  1. First, you will learn how to install Bolt on your host node. Remember, you don’t need to install anything at all on your target nodes!
  2. Second, you will learn how to configure Bolt to make it easier and more efficient to use.
  3. Third, the course will present two ways of using Bolt: running commands and running scripts.

What this course does not cover:

Although the course does not cover advanced Bolt concepts such as tasks, plans, using the Puppet Forge, or integrating with Puppet Enterprise, it does describe some of the more sophisticated things you can do with Bolt and points you to resources where you can learn more about these powerful features.

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