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Apr 2021
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15 April 2021, 8:00am - 11:30am EDT | 1:00pm - 4:30pm BST/GMT+1

Join us for a Puppet Camp dedicated to becoming a better Puppet developer in 2021. Hear from Puppet experts on how they’re using Puppet’s rich ecosystem of development tools (PDK, OnceOver, Puppet VSCode extension, Puppet DSC module, and more) to streamline their development workflows. Learn about Puppet’s latest ecosystem enhancements and best practices for managing your Puppet code.


Thursday, 15 April 2021, 8:00am – 11:30am EDT | 1:00pm – 4:30pm BST/GMT+1

Keynote, Nigel Kersten, Field CTO, Puppet

Puppet code testing – Modules vs Control-Repo, Martin Alfke, CEO at Example42

There are many tools and different ways on how to test Puppet code- We can choose between PDK and OnceOver. But which of the tools is the best to use? Join Martin as he explains the usage of PDK and OnceOver, and what must be done for unit testing a module and a control-repo. He’ll then move on to acceptance testing and explain the differences between beaker and litmus, and how to use them from either PDK or OnceOver.

Operational Verification, David Schmitt, Principal Software Engineer at Puppet

Sure, your Puppet run finished successfully, but did it do what you expected? Join David to explore an experimental prototype using Puppet itself to verify deployments and operational status.

Puppet VS Code Tips and tricks, James Pogran, Principal Software Engineer at Puppet

We’ll go over some of our favorite and essential tips, as well as demo some of the newest features and advanced settings for you to customize VS Code to optimize your Puppet Development. Whether you are just learning Puppet or VS Code or are a long-time user of either, you’ll be sure to leave with some new tricks and shortcuts to become more productive while coding

Modules of the twenties, Alessandro Franceschi, CTO at Example42

Puppet modules have been fundamental in Puppet evolution and its ability to manage any component of a data center. Over the years, best practices and guidelines have been established and consolidated and new features like data in modules, plans, tasks and data types have been added.  This presentation is a review, for the novice and intermediate users, of the most modern best practices and features of Puppet modules with insights on how to effectively use them to manage operations both with a declarative and an imperative approach.

R10k single control branch strategy, Corey Osman, Puppet and DevOps Consultant at NWOPS, LLC

For the longest time we have used a control branch for each puppet environment we desired. In many environments we use this strategy as part of our release process and merge upward to production (dev->qa->production). Recently R10k released a new feature that decouples each branch from the puppet environment. This allows for a more traditional branch management strategy that enables us to assign any git revision to any number of puppet environments. This talk will demonstrate the pros and cons of this strategy and how to setup and migrate to this new workflow.




What is a Puppet Camp?
Puppet Camps are half-day virtual events for Puppet practitioners and folks working in teams that use Puppet. Puppet Camps feature Puppet experts sharing their best practices and experience with you! Check out our Puppet Camp page to view recordings of previous camps.

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Yes. Like all Puppet events, we keep Puppet Camps safe for everyone. Check out our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct which apply online as much as they do in person.

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