Download Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise simplifies the way you build, test and promote infrastructure changes. It makes continuous integration and delivery simple for infrastructure managed with Puppet Enterprise, giving you a prescriptive way to:

  • Visually create continuous delivery pipelines for your infrastructure code in minutes and automatically promote that infrastructure code across environments based on approval workflows and criteria you set.
  • Automatically build, test and promote changes to control repos and modules to deliver infrastructure changes faster and with more confidence.
  • Fully control how infrastructure changes are delivered across environments and reduce risk, with flexible deployment policies and one-click rollbacks.
  • Get full visibility into infrastructure code changes with activity histories and audit trails.

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Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise works with Puppet Enterprise. It is fully compatible with our two most recent release versions, Puppet Enterprise 2017.3 and Puppet Enterprise 2018.1.

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