Open source Puppet 6.10

These are the new features, resolved issues, and deprecations in this version of Facter.

Facter 3.14.5

Released 1 October 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.10.0.

Resolved issues

  • Google Compute Engine's internal metadata service is deprecating the v1beta1 endpoint sometime before the end of 2019. To prepare for this, Facter now uses the v1 endpoint instead. FACT-2018

  • When Facter starts a mountpoint to get the size and available space, it causes mountpoints of type autofs to be automatically mounted, which is not the intended behavior. Automounts are now skipped by Facter when resolving mountpoints. FACT-1992

Facter 3.14.4

Released 17 September 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.9.0.

Resolved issues

This release makes the EC2 session timeout, in milliseconds, configurable via the EC2_SESSION_TIMEOUT environment variable. If the environment variable does not exist or is set to an invalid value, Facter defaults the variable to 5000 (5 seconds). FACT-1919

Facter 3.14.3

Released 21 August 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.8.0.

New features

This release adds an new AIX-specific fact, nim_type, which returns the type of the NIM configuration. This fact returns a value of:
  • 'master'
  • 'standalone'
  • if '/etc/niminfo' is missing, no value is returned.

Resolved issues

  • The previous version of Facter could not be compiled on the latest Archlinux version. This release fixes this issue by unpinning gem dependencies for Ruby spec tests so they work regardless of gem versions. and enabling detection of the optional UDEV library on Linux, which provides a serial number fact for disks. FACT-1968
  • On Linux, if multiple mountpoints are mounted on the same directory, Facter showed only the first one retrieved from /etc/mtab. Now Facter shows the mountpoint that is a device or is the "tmpfs" type. FACT-1964
  • Prior to this release, when you ran facter ipaddress6 on Windows servers, Facter returned the IPv6 with the interface identifier. This was caused by a Windows function that retrieves ipaddress6 together with the interface identifier. Now it correctly returns only the ipaddress6 without the interface id. This also fixes the network6 fact, which also returned network6 together with the interface identifier. FACT-1935
  • The dmi fact did not return the chassis type. Facter now resolves the following DMI chassis descriptions for:
    • "25" - "Multi-system"
    • "26" - "CompactPCI"
    • "27" - "AdvancedTCA"
    • "28" - "Blade"
    • "29" - "Blade Enclosure"
    • "30" - "Tablet"
    • "31" - "Convertible"
    • "32" - "Detachable"

Facter 3.14.2

Released 23 July 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.7.0.

Resolved issues

  • Prior to this release, Facter returned warnings if ip route show output was not in a key-value format. Because this format does not apply to all configurations, Facter no longer returns warnings about it. FACT-1916
  • Previously, the mountpoint fact showed only temporary file systems and physical mounts. Now Facter returns mount points for all mounts on the system. FACT-1910

Facter 3.14.1

Released 1 July 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.6.0.

New features

  • Facter now report disk serial numbers on Linux and FreeBSD FACT-1929
  • This release adds a primary network interface check for FreeBSD. FACT-1926
  • Previously, the mountpoint fact showed only temporary file systems and physical mounts. Now Facter returns mount points for all mounts on the system. FACT-1910
  • This release adds support for Virtuzzo Linux facts. FACT-1888

Facter 3.14.0

Released 19 June 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.5.0

New features

In this release, Facter adds new facts for Windows version 10/2016+:
  • ReleaseID: The four-digit Windows build version, in the form YYMM. On Windows10-1511-x86_64, the release ID is not displayed, as is not present in the registry.
  • InstallationType: Differentiates Server, Server Core, Client (Desktop): Server|Server Core|Client.
  • EditionID: Server or Desktop Edition variant: ServerStandard|Professional|Enterprise.
  • ProductName: Textual Product Name.

Facter 3.13.1

Released 26 March 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.4.0

Resolved issues

  • This release fixes an issue where the dhcp fact failed on Red Hat 8 (beta). Because Red Hat 8 is a beta version, not all functions are verified to work correctly. FACT-1906

Facter 3.13.0

Released 20 February 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.3.0

Resolved issues

  • Previously, Facter incorrectly reported operating system facts (such as and os.release) on Ubuntu systems that did not have the lsb_release executable. Operating system facts are now resolved without relying on lsb_release . FACT-1899

Facter 3.12.3

Released 24 January 2019 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.2.0.

Resolved issues

  • Facter now returns the correct path to system32 on 64-bit systems where the sysnative folder has been created manually. FACT-1900

Facter 3.12.2

Released 18 December 2018 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.1.0.

Resolved issues

  • Previously, if you had multiple custom versions of a built-in fact, and only those with a weight of 0 could resolve, Facter used those zero-weighted values. Now, if only zero-weighted custom facts resolve, Facter uses built-in fact values instead. (FACT-1873)

Facter 3.12.0

Released 18 September 2018 and shipped with Puppet Platform 6.0.0

New features

  • Key type is now included as part of the facts for each SSH key. (FACT-1377)

Resolved issues

  • Systems relying entirely on systemd-networkd for DHCP management do not use dhclient. This checks the DHCP leases directory of systemd-networkd (/run/systemd/netif/leases) in addition to the lease files of dhclient when attempting to identify DHCP servers. (FACT-1851)

  • Facter no longer checks for missing dmidecode and does not report a warning when it’s missing on POWER Linux machines. (FACT-1765 and FACT-1763)

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