Custom profiles

A custom profile is a benchmark profile that you customize to fit your organization's internally defined standards.

You can base a custom profile on an existing benchmark and profile combination, and then specify which rules you want visible in scan reports.

Create a custom profile

Create a custom profile based on an existing benchmark.

  1. Navigate to Custom profiles.
  2. Click Create custom profile.
  3. Select a Benchmark and Profile.
  4. Deselect rules in the profile that you do not want to scan, and click Next.
  5. Enter the name of the profile and, optionally, a description.
  6. Click Save custom profile.
    Your custom profile appears as an option when you assign the associated benchmark to a node.
What to do next
Navigate to Nodes to set your custom profile as the desired compliance for your nodes, or perform an ad hoc scan by selecting your custom profile on the Scans page.
To apply a custom profile to several nodes simultaneously, go to the Inventory page and select the nodes. From the Actions menu, select Set desired compliance. In the Benchmark, Profile, and Custom profile fields, specify the desired compliance and click Update.
Restriction: The selected nodes must be running on the same operating system, and the latest version of the CIS-CAT Pro Assessor must be installed on each node.