We are automating the heck out of everything to keep teams small and make sure that they focus on the right work. Having the right tools and capabilities, like Puppet, make it possible.
Mithran Naiker, CTO, Transurban
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Andreas Knoll
It was very important for us—the concept of infrastructure as code. We believed this would help for us and our customers to innovate faster. Here is where Puppet played an important role.
Andreas Knol, Technical Product Manager, KPN
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Puppet brings a lot of health into configuration management, because you will not have silos that are not transparent to other teams about what is the lifecycle of each individual artifact for services that are dependent for other services.
Alex Zbarcea, DevOps Engineer III, Fannie Mae
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One of the most surprising things about Puppet has been their support. Puppet support has been outstanding. We’ve run into very few issues, but the issues we did run into were taken care of very quickly.
Dylan Zeleski, Systems Engineer, Netsmart Technologies
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Before Puppet, the time to deliver a Windows machine to someone took weeks. It wasn’t agile. When we introduced Windows 2016, we wanted to make sure that when people ordered a machine they would get a consistent experience and get it faster. We can do that with Puppet. We’ve been able to build end-to-end automation with Puppet.
John Rogers, System Engineer, Swiss Re
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