Puppet and Perforce Community FAQ

But what does the acquisition mean for me?

Puppet has announced an agreement to be acquired by Perforce, and if this is the first time you’re learning this, I recommend you first check out Yvonne’s blog post for the details.

Most of you probably landed here after reading about the news with a big question: What does this mean for you as a community member? The short answer: not much, but we invite you to continue reading for the details.

One thing that’s been radically clear over the years here at Puppet is that the community and the content and developer ecosystem around our products aren’t just nice-to-haves – they’re core parts of who we are and what we do. There is no Puppet without the Puppet community, and this news doesn’t change that.

But because we’re all a bit more detail-oriented than the average bear, we’ve listed out some of the common ways in which you might engage with Puppet, and how those will or will not change.


Acquisition FAQ

  • Will you be closing down any open source projects?
    • We’ll continue to manage our open source projects as we always have: working with the community on patches and pull requests, collaborating on new features and platforms, transitioning projects to community ownership when appropriate (e.g. our recent efforts around the Puppet Toy Chest and marking modules as adoptable), etc. Our goal remains to be good open source citizens – in doing so, we think everybody wins. This news doesn’t change that!
  • Will Puppet be moving code out of Github?
    • No! But you’re always welcome to fork your own copy of any repository you’d like. And if someone wants to make an old-school CVS mirror purely for entertainment purposes, nobody would object. 🙂
  • Will the Puppet Slack be shut down?
    • Absolutely not. Community is always going to be a high priority and our employees will continue to engage just like before.
  • How will this affect Vox Pupuli?
    • It should not change that relationship at all. Vox Pupuli is an independent entity that we all know and love. Puppet values them just as much as our most important business partners and this isn’t going to change.
  • Will developers still engage with OSS git repos?
    • Yes. And we’re working on more clarity and transparency about which repositories we’ll be dedicating time and resources to. You’ve probably seen some of that in our GitHub housekeeping efforts and we’ll keep working to improve this engagement.
  • What happens to my pull requests? What if I want to contribute more?
    • The acquisition won’t change how we collaborate. Your pull requests and issues are where they’ve always been and if you want to contribute more, you’ll do so in exactly the same way as before.
  • Will I have to sign yet another CLA?
    • Nope, the current CLA will continue to work just fine.
  • Are you considering relicensing any projects?
    • Nope.
  • Will you continue with the Office Hours schedule?
    • Absolutely so. We hope to see you there!
  • Are you still going to support and approve Forge modules?
    • Yep. Nothing will change in that regard.
  • Will Puppet continue to support the Forge and developer ecosystem?
    • Absolutely. Most of the value of a tool like Puppet is the content ecosystem around it. The Forge and dev tools are a critical part of that.
  • Will I have to switch out any of my developer tools or pipelines?
    • Nope. You can build and deploy Puppet content using whatever tools you want now, and there’s no reason to change what you’re comfortable with.
  • What will happen to the Forge? Will modules move into Perforce integration pages?
    • Nope. Their integration pages are designed for tens of integrations and we have thousands. The Forge will continue to be the marketplace for Puppet content.

Lastly, thank you all so much for everything you do! You and the rest of the community are a huge part of what makes Puppet… well, Puppet. The mechanics of how we engage won’t change, but we now have lots of opportunities to broaden and deepen our relationship.