Back to our grassroots

We're excited to announce that in 2020, we're focusing on smaller, more regional events so we can meet people where they are and have more opportunities to gather, share knowledge, and spend quality time together. This means that we're bringing Puppet Camps back!

Puppet Camps are one-day, one-track events held around the world for individual Puppet practitioners and people working in teams that use Puppet. They're energetic, personal, and feature local speakers from the community passing on their best practices. Now we're coming to you so a new generation of Puppet users can experience them too.

Meeting you where you're at

Our first three Camps will be in Boston, Melbourne, and Berlin in early 2020 and we'd love to see you there! We'll be accepting speaking proposals soon, so look for communications on that, or feel free to reach out. Local venues, sponsors, and speakers are always appreciated so reach out if you've got the inside scoop on something great. We'll have more information soon, but in the meantime, start scheming! We've got some great events ahead of us!

Wanna chat about this?

Visit the #puppet-camps room in our Puppet Community Slack and let us know where you'd like to see a Puppet Camp! You can also email us [email protected] We'll see you soon!

Like all Puppet events, we keep Puppet Camps safe for everyone. Check out our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct, available to all under Creative Commons license.

Past Puppet Camps

Have a look at our past Puppet Camps here.

Sponsor Puppet Camp

Sponsor a Puppet Camp and get your name in front of Puppet practitioners.

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