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What’s new in Puppet Forge modules: Dec 2016 & Jan 2017 edition

Happy New Year! (Okay, it's February — we're a little behind.) It's time for another edition of our regular What’s new in Puppet modules feature. Due to the lull that accompanies the holidays, we decided to roll up December and January into one post. We’re looking forward to another great year of module development, but let’s start by looking back on what we’ve done in the last few months.

As of 1 February, we have 4,743 modules on the Forge.


Provides the mounttab and mountpoint resource types.

2017-01-27 - Release 1.0.0

Bug fixes

  • Sets ensure on the mountpoint type to invalidate refreshes


Puppet module providing the certregen face for regenerating CA certificates

Release 0.1.1


This release adds improvements based on feedback from the 0.1.0 release.


  • (MODULES-4273) Distribute CRL along with CA cert
  • (MODULES-4194) Add unified action for CA/CRL refresh
  • (MODULES-4194) Implement CRL distribution
  • (MODULES-4163) Copy cacert to localcacert on regeneration

Bug fixes

  • (MODULES-4154) Use puppet feature to test for gem
  • (MODULES-4190) Don't manage localcacert file owner/group
  • (MODULES-4191) Respect casing for cert subject, issuer, AKI extension
  • (MODULES-4193) Sort healthcheck cmd output in ascending order
  • (MODULES-4192) Use versioncmp when probing for features
  • (MODULES-4194) Support Facter 1.7 confine syntax


Standard library of resources for Puppet modules.

Supported release 4.15.0


This release introduces multiple new functions, a new fact and the addition of Ubuntu Xenial support. Also includes a bug fix and documentation update.


  • Addition of puppet_server fact to return agents server.
  • Addition of a pry function.
  • Addition of tests for ensure_resources.
  • Addition of FQDN UUID generation function.
  • Addition of Ubuntu Xenial to OS Support.

Bug fixes

  • Ensure_packages now works with Ruby < 2.0.
  • Updated the documentation of str2bool function.


Standard library of resources for Puppet modules.

Supported release 4.14.0


Adds several new features and updates, especially around refining the deprecation and validate_legacy functions. Also includes a Gemfile update around an issue with parallel_tests dependency for different versions of Ruby.


  • Deprecation function now uses puppet stacktrace if available.
  • join_key_to_values function now handles array values. If values are arrays, multiple keys are added for each element.
  • Updated Gemfile to deal with parallel_tests Ruby dependancy (MODULES-3983).
  • Updated/Fixed ipv4 regex validator (MODULES-3980).
  • Deprecation clarification added to README.

Bug fixes

  • README typo fixes.
  • Use .dup to duplicate classes for modification (MODULES-3829).
  • Fixes spec failures that were caused by a change in the tested error message in validate_legacy_spec.
  • Broken link to validate_legacy docs fixed.
  • Updates deprecation tests to include future parser.


A tool for installing Puppet agents across multiple platforms en masse

Release 1.0.0


This is the first publicly available release. It provides initial implementations for bulk installing Puppet Agents on POSIX (EL and Debian) and Windows hosts.


Provides Puppet types and providers to manage Logical Resource Management (LVM) features.

Release 0.9.0


Small release that bumps up rspec version and adds a new parameter


  • Adds followsymlinks parameter


Cisco Puppet providers and types for NX-OS devices

[1.5.0] - 2017-01-11

New feature support

Cisco Resources

  • cisco_hsrp_global type and provider.
  • cisco_interface_hsrp_group type and provider.


  • Extend cisco_interface with attributes:

  • hsrp_bfd

  • hsrp_delay_minimum

  • hsrp_delay_reload

  • hsrp_mac_refresh

  • hsrp_use_bia

  • hsrp_version

  • pim_bfd

  • Extend cisco_pim with attributes:

  • bfd

  • Added support for Cisco NX-OS software releases 7.3(0)F1(1) and 8.0(1)

Resolved issues

  • https://github.com/cisco/cisco-network-puppet-module/issues/408


Manages Firewalls such as iptables

Supported release 1.8.2


This release includes numerous features and bug fixes, See below.

Bug fixes

  • Fixing issue with double quotes being removed when part of the rule comment
  • Add the --wait flag to the insert/update/delete iptables actions to prevent failures from occuring when iptables is running outside of puppet for iptables >= 1.4.20
  • Fix iptables_version and ip6tables_version facts not returning the version


  • Support for multiple IP sets in a single rule
  • Implement queue_bypass and queue_num parameters for NFQUEUE jump target
  • Tighten SELinux permissions on persistent files
  • RHEL7 SELinux support for puppet 3
  • Manage ip6tables service for Redhat Family


Installs MongoDB on RHEL/Ubuntu/Debian.

Release 0.17.0


Adding features to improve spec testing, and added ability to manage pidfile creation

Bug fixes

  • gettext and spec.opts fixes
  • MODULES-3631 - msync Gemfile for 1.0 frozen strings
  • MODULES-3956 - MongoDB 3.12 creates pid file and checks in init script
  • MODULES-3704 - Update gemfile template to be identical
  • Allow deprecation errors


Chocolatey package provider for Puppet

2016-12-30 Supported release 2.0.1


This is a bug fix release, correcting some issues in the original supported release and one that was introduced by the switchover to the puppetlabs-powershell v2 module.

Bug fixes

  • Fix: ChocolateyInstall environment variable not set for alternate installation directory (MODULES-4091)
  • Fix: Unsuitable providers should not cause errors (MODULES-4149)
  • Fix: version is malformed with any extraneous messages (MODULES-4135)
  • Fix: module does not propagate null source error correctly (MODULES-4056)
  • Fix: install fails on Windows 10 when using built-in compression (MODULES-4210)


  • Set TLS 1.1+ when available
  • Document considerations for install to "C:\Chocolatey" (MODULES-4090)


Manages Ruby and Rubygems.

Release 0.6.0


This release includes support for Puppet 4 AIO, test fixes and cleanup.


  • Support Puppet v4 AIO

Bug fixes

  • Fix bundler_package name for ubuntu
  • Fix testing
  • Update supported platforms
  • Remove unused metadata
  • Use community style


Installs, configures, and manages Apache virtual hosts, web services, and modules.

Supported release 1.11.0


This release adds SLES12 Support and many more features and bug fixes.


  • (MODULES-4049) Adds SLES 12 Support
  • Adds additional directories options for LDAP Auth
    • auth_ldap_url
    • auth_ldap_bind_dn
    • auth_ldap_bind_password
    • auth_ldap_group_attribute
    • auth_ldap_group_attribute_is_dn
  • Allows mod_event parameters to be unset
  • Allows management of default root directory access rights
  • Adds class apache::vhosts to create apache::vhost resources
  • Adds class apache::mod::proxy_wstunnel
  • Adds class apache::mod::dumpio
  • Adds class apache::mod::socache_shmcb
  • Adds class apache::mod::authn_dbd
  • Adds support for apache 2.4 on Amazon Linux
  • Support the newer mod_auth_cas config options
  • Adds wsgi_script_aliases_match parameter to apache::vhost
  • Allow to override all SecDefaultAction attributes
  • Add audit_log_relevant_status parameter to apache::mod::security
  • Allow absolute path to $apache::mod::security::activated_rules
  • Allow setting SecAuditLog
  • Adds passenger_max_instances_per_app to mod::passenger
  • Allow the proxy_via setting to be configured
  • Allow no_proxy_uris to be used within proxy_pass
  • Add rpaf.conf template parameter to mod::rpaf
  • Allow user to specify alternative package and library names for shibboleth module
  • Allows configuration of shibboleth lib path
  • Adds parameter passenger_data_buffer_dir to mod::passenger
  • Adds SSL stapling
  • Allows use of balance_manager with mod_proxy_balancer
  • Raises lower bound of stdlib dependency to version 4.2
  • Adds support for Passenger repo on Amazon Linux
  • Add ability to set SSLStaplingReturnResponderErrors on server level
  • (MODULES-4213) Allow global rewrite rules inheritance in vhosts
  • Moves mod_env to its own class and load it when required

Bug fixes

  • Deny access to .ht and .hg, which are created by mercurial hg.
  • Instead of failing, include apache::mod::prefork in manifests/mod/itk.pp instead.
  • Only set SSLCompression when it is set to true.
  • Remove duplicate shib2 hash element
  • (MODULES-3388) Include mpm_module classes instead of class declaration
  • Updates apache::balancer to respect apache::confd_dir
  • Wrap mod_security directives in an IfModule
  • Fixes to various mods for Ubuntu Xenial
  • Fix /etc/modsecurity perms to match package
  • Fix PassengerRoot under Debian stretch
  • (MODULES-3476) Updates regex in apache_version custom fact to work with EL5
  • Dont sql_injection_attacks.data
  • Add force option to confd file resource to purge directory without warnings
  • Patch httpoxy through mod_security
  • Fixes config ordering of IncludeOptional
  • Fixes bug where port numbers were unquoted
  • Fixes bug where empty servername for vhost were written to template
  • Auto-load slotmem_shm and lbmethod_byrequests with proxy_balancer on 2.4
  • Simplify MPM setup on FreeBSD
  • Adds requirement for httpd package
  • Do not set ssl_certs_dir on FreeBSD
  • Fixes bug that produces a duplicate Listen 443 after a package update on EL7
  • Fixes bug where custom facts break structured facts
  • Avoid relative classname inclusion
  • Fixes a failure in vhost if the first element of $rewrites is not a hash
  • (MODULES-3744) Process $crs_package before $modsec_dir
  • (MODULES-1491) Adds ::apache include to mods that need it


Puppet module providing a type to manage repositories from various version control systems

[1.5.0] - 2016-12-19 Supported release


Release featuring some refactoring and improvements around git's ensurable.

Bug fixes

  • ensure => absent fix


  • :source property added
  • Improved ensure handling for git provider
  • General refactoring for all providers
  • Various test improvements


Manage WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) settings for client nodes

2016-12-13 - Supported release 1.0.3


Small release supporting Always Automatically Reboot at Scheduled Time setting.

Bug fixes



Manages resources on NetApp Cluster Data ONTAP devices.



This release adds several helper manifests for setting up common configurations of nfs/iscsi/svm, and fixes some bugs with netapp_volume


  • Add netapp::nfs define
  • Add netapp::iscsi define
  • Add netapp::svm define

Bug fixes

  • Better debug and error handling
  • Remove volume offline during volume destroy in netapp_volume
  • Fix volume info to not incorrectly get autosize info


Installs, deploys, and configures Apache Tomcat web services.

Supported release 1.6.1


This release removes an attempted bug fix made in 1.6.0 for working around strict umasks. The previous change caused duplicate resource declarations when downloading a tomcat tarball from puppet:// or local paths. The umask bug remains (it is actually present in staging, not tomcat).

Bug fixes

  • Fix duplicate resource declarations when using local source paths


Provides Puppet types and providers to manage Logical Resource Management (LVM) features.

Release 0.8.0


This release includes more testing, support for ruby 2.3.1, thin provisioning and manage mirrors.


  • Lots of test maintenance, tests updated and improved
  • Add flag to Logical_volume to not resize filesystem
  • Add support for thin provisioning and setting poolmetadatasize

Bug fixes

  • Add missing parameters to manage mirrors for lvm::logical_volume
  • Executed command swapoff before unmount swap partition
  • Fix parsing size from lvs output
  • Numerous documentation fixes

New Approved modules for December and January

Vox Pupuli releases

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