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What’s new in modules: March/April 2017 edition

Things are heating up on the Puppet Forge this month! Lots of releases in the last 30 days, and a few of them quite noteworthy. (Also, did you know you can subscribe to modules to get notified of new releases? Now you do.)

puppetlabs-postgresql 4.9.0

A long awaited release is finally here! It includes bug fixes and features like the ability to grant permissions on procedural languages, and the notion of modifying ownership of databases and schemas, both at time of creation and any time after.

puppetlabs-ntp 6.1.0

Say hello to phase 1 of the first internationalized Puppet module! This release includes a new README directory structure, which contains our first translated README and the locales/ directory where you’ll find the .pot and .po files needed for translation. Be on the lookout for information on how to contribute to modules like this one and next steps in i18n, including translation of log output.

puppetlabs-iis 0.1.0

Behold, our brand new IIS module! If you’re running IIS in your environment and/or would like to give this module a test drive, we would love to have some feedback from you. Let us know how we’re doing.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all our releases since 11 March.


Installs, configures, and manages the NTP service

Supported release 6.1.0


This release adds support for internationalization of the module. It also contains Japanese translations for the README, summary and description of the metadata.json and major cleanups in the README. Additional folders called locales have been introduced, and READMEs where translation files can be found. A number of features and bug fixes are also included in this release.

  • Addition of .pot file for metadata translation for i18n.
  • Multiple Gemfile updates for Ruby and Gems support.
  • (MODULES-4225) Addition of Puppet strings to the ntp module.
  • Implements Beaker module install helper and cleanup spec helper acceptance.rb.
  • (MODULES-4414) Allow NTP statistics if requested.
  • (MODULES-4278) Addition of noselect feature.
  • Addition of pool parameter.
  • Addition of Ubuntu Xenial support.
Bug fixes
  • Huge README updates for adding tags to private classes, edits for localization and general cleanups.
  • (MODULES-3397) Fix of the default Solaris settings.
  • Changed service_ensure data type to Enum.
  • (MODULES-3396) Remove superfluous empty lines in ntp.conf.
  • (MODULES-4528) Replace Puppet.version.to_f version comparison from spec_helper.rb
  • Solaris data that was the wrong way round is now fixed.


Construct files from multiple fragments

Supported release 2.2.1


This is a backwards-compatible bug fix release.

Bug fixes
  • (MODULES-4350) Makes :path the namevar for concat_file.
  • (MODULES-4351) Prevents the :order parameter from accepting arbitrary values in concat_file.
  • (MODULES-4352) Restricts the :replace parameter to values accepted by file.
  • (MODULES-4474) Drops auto requirement of fragments.
  • (MODULES-3900) Improves error messages in concat::fragment.
  • Uses the whole fragment title when sorting.


Provides an interface for managing Apt source, key, and definitions with Puppet.

Supported release 2.4.0


A release that includes only a couple of additional features, but includes several cleanups and bug fixes around existing issues.

  • Tests updated to check for idempotency.
  • (MODULES-4224) Implementation of beaker-module_install_helper.
  • Deprecation warnings are now handled by the deprecation function in stdlib.
Bug fixes
  • Now http and https sources fixed for apt_key and can take a userinfo.
  • GPG key update.
  • notify_update parameter now defaults to true to avoid validation errors.
  • Implement retry on tests that pull key from a key server, an operation that sometimes times out (transient error).
  • String comparison error now compensated for in update.pp.
  • (MODULES-4104) Removal of the port number from repository location in order to get the hostname of the repository.
  • Puppet lint warnings addressed.
  • A few small README issues addressed.


Chocolatey package provider for Puppet.

2017-04-04 Supported release 2.0.2


This is a bug fix release.

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Use two dashes when getting package version (MODULES-4508).


Installs, configures, and manages the Docker daemon and Docker containers.


Build Docker and ACI images using Puppet code.

2017-03-22 - Version 0.3.0

This release includes some minor features and several bug fixes, including:

  • Adds the ability to specify a list of volumes for the image.
  • Fixes a bug which meant building Centos images didn't work as expected.

Thanks to community member @luckyraul for the volumes addition, and to @aaron-grewell for reporting and testing the fix for the Centos issue.


Standard library of resources for Puppet modules.

Supported release 4.16.0


This release represents a massive update to all unit tests to test UTF8 characters. There are also multiple cleanups in preparation for internationalization. Alongside this, you'll find improvements to ipv6 support, a new length function compatible with Puppet 4, and an update to path types. This release also contains multiple bug fixes around functionality and tests.

  • Addition of coverage in all unit tests for functions, data and resource types for UTF8 for i18n.
  • All strings within the README and functions that are split over two lines have been combined in preparation for i18n parser/decorator.
  • Improvement on the ipv6 support for type. Improves regex to catch some valid (but lesser known) ipv6 strings, mostly those that are a mix of ipv6 strings and embedded ipv6 numbers.
  • Adds a new parameter, encoding, to allow non-UTF-8 files to specify a file encoding. This prevents receiving the error message "invalid byte sequence in UTF-8" when special characters that are not UTF-8-encoded appear in the input stream, such as the copyright symbol.
  • Addition of the new length function. Returns the length of a given string, array or hash. This will eventually replace the deprecated size() function, as it can handle the new type functionality introduced in Puppet 4.
  • Permit double slash in Absolutepath and Unixpath types.
Bug fixes
  • Fix unsupported data type error with rspec-puppet master.
  • Now allows test module metadata.json to be read by Puppet.
  • Fix acceptance test failure "Hiera is not a class."
  • Removal of unsupported platforms and future parser setting in acceptance tests.
  • Regex for tuple checking has been loosened.
  • The ensure_packages function now tries to apply the resource only if it is not defined.
  • (MODULES-4528) Use versioncmp to check Puppet version for 4.10.x compat.
  • Adds comments to warn for UTF8 incompatibility of the functions that may not be compatible with UTF8 with Ruby versions before 2.4.0.


Manage IIS for Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2. Maintain application sites, pools and installation.

2017-03-16 - Version 0.1.0


This is the initial, unsupported release with functionality to manage IIS application pools, sites and installation.



Cisco Puppet providers and types for NX-OS devices.

[1.6.0] - 2017-03-13

New feature support

Cisco resources
  • cisco_route_map type and provider
  • cisco_upgrade type and provider


  • Extend cisco_interface with attributes:
  • load_interval_counter_1_delay
  • load_interval_counter_2_delay
  • load_interval_counter_3_delay


Manage arbitrary Java keystore files

Supported release 1.5.0


This release contains some small features and one bug fix which makes the module environment safe.

  • Added a new parameter, private_key_type which defaults to rsa but can also be set to ec for ECDSA keys.
  • Added java_ks::config class with create_resources so that Hiera can be used to manage the config.
  • [MODULES-2495] Allows the provider to work with encrypted private keys.
Bug fixes
  • [MODULES-4505] Fixed self.title_patterns in java_ks type so it doesn't return a Proc so the module is environment safe.


A tool for installing Puppet agents across multiple platforms en masse.

v1.1.0 (2017-02-26)

Full changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Manage the chloride gem #5.
  • The windows::master class will now fail if applied to a non Puppet master node cf94df30

Merged pull requests:

  • README cleanup and improvements.
  • Enabled Travis-CI automated testing. #2.
  • Other various code style and cleanup pull requests.


Offers support for basic management of PostgreSQL databases.

Supported release 4.9.0


This release adds several types and, among other bugs, fixes an issue with the yum URL.

  • Modifying ownership of databases and schemas now available (MODULES-3247).
  • Use module_workdir to specify a custom directory in which to execute psql commands.
  • The grant_role type added!
  • Support for parallel unit testing (parallel_tests).
  • Override download/installation repo URL with repo_baseurl.
  • Set your timezone with timezone.
  • Grant privileges on LANGUAGEs.
  • Added support for Debian Stretch and Ubuntu Yakkety Yak.
Bug fixes
  • Usernames and passwords are now converted to strings before password hash is created.
  • Specify default database name if it is not the username.
  • Update to yum repo.
  • Schema name conflicts fix.


A Puppet module to create an index that provides a short-term workaround to PDB-3323.

Vox Pupuli releases

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