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Updates to Puppet Enterprise release cadence

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to share that we’ve made some updates to how we ship new features for Puppet Enterprise. In the past, we’ve focused on two major release cycles that shipped in the spring and fall, and a long term support release offered every 18 months.

Based on customer feedback and a focus on delivering customer value faster, we have adjusted the release cadence for Puppet Enterprise from twice a year to a quarterly update cadence. This meets the needs of some of our most agile customers who prefer to take advantage of new features and updates from Puppet Enterprise faster. With the same thread of customer focus and meeting our customers where they are, we have shifted our long term support track from 18 months to two years to support our customers who prefer an extended LTS track.

With these updates come a slight nomenclature change for how we refer to our STS track. Moving forward the nomenclature of our STS track will be replaced with Puppet Enterprise updates and will have a corresponding version number. Our naming convention for long term support will be Puppet Enterprise LTS.

Puppet Enterprise updates is the recommended release track for most customers and ideal for Puppet Enterprise customers who want access to the latest capabilities as soon as they’re available. The LTS track is ideal for customers who value longevity and have environments that require a long term supported release.

You can learn more on our support lifecycle page available here.

Nick Walker is a senior product owner at Puppet.

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