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Top Benefits of Continuous Delivery: An Overview

The following content is a shortened excerpt from the white paper, The Tools For Continuous Delivery. Download the paper to learn more about the benefits of continuous delivery, and how to launch it in your organization.

When it’s well executed, continuous delivery allows an organization to respond more quickly to its market and to customers, both internal and external. It also makes life saner for people in IT operations, software development and quality testing teams. Instead of long periods of development punctuated by looming deadlines, big dramatic releases and panicked remediation of serious bugs, software releases are small, predictable and less dramatic… even boring :-)

Top Benefits of Continuous Delivery

Deliver software with fewer bugs and lower risk.

When you release smaller changes more frequently, you catch errors much earlier in the development process. When you implement automated testing at every stage of development, you don’t pass failed code to the next stage. And it’s easier to roll back smaller changes when you need to..

Release new features to market more frequently — and learn.

Releasing new features early and often — even in a minimally viable state — means you get more frequent feedback, giving you the ability to iterate and learn from your customers. Enlisting customers as development partners gives them a sense of co-ownership and loyalty, and makes them more likely to forgive when you stumble.

Respond to marketing conditions more quickly.

Market conditions change constantly. Whether you’ve just discovered a new product is losing money, or that more customers are visiting your site from smartphones than laptops, it’s much easier to make a fast change if you are already practicing continuous delivery.

Life is saner for everyone: IT operations, software development, QA, product owners and business line owners.

Continuous delivery means the responsibility for software delivery is distributed much more widely, and this shared responsibility and collaboration make life better. Continuous delivery also take a lot of stress out of software release. Releasing smaller changes more often gets everyone used to a regular, predictable pace, leaving room tocome up with ideas and actually enjoy your the work. Best of all, a successful release becomes a shared success, one you can all celebrate together.

Download the white paper to find even more comprehensive information on the benefits of continuous delivery, plus sections on how to launch continuous delivery in your organization — and the right tools to use!

Aliza Earnshaw is managing editor at Puppet Labs.

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