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Tips to help you upgrade your Puppet Enterprise implementation

“I want to upgrade Puppet Enterprise, but I’m not sure how to get from the version I have to the version I want.” This is one of the most common comments I receive from Puppet Enterprise customers. Especially now, with Puppet Enterprise 3.8 nearing its end-of-life date, slated for 31 December 2016.

With a ton of great new capabilities and benefits to upgrading — like performance boosts, improved scalability and a completely rewritten web UI — now is an excellent time to upgrade to the latest version of Puppet Enterprise.

Below I’ve outlined some tips to help you navigate the upgrade process.


We recommend upgrading to our long-term-support (LTS) release, Puppet Enterprise 2016.4, which will be available in late October. You can expect full support, as well as security patches and bug fixes, for a full 24 months after the release.

If you’re upgrading from a version older than 3.8 and need assistance, please contact your account manager.

On PE 3.8? If you are on PE 3.8 and want to move to 2016.2 or 2016.4, follow the migration documentation for the appropriate version to back up and transfer your deployment to a new Puppet master. In-place upgrades from 3.8 to 2016.2 and 2016.4 are not supported.

Migrate from:

If you’re using a version later than 3.8, find your upgrade path using the chart below to do an in-place upgrade of PE. For example, if you have PE 2015.3.3 and want to upgrade to 2016.4, your path is 2015.3.3 to 2016.4. You may have to upgrade more than once to get to the version that you need.

A successful upgrade may require steps beyond running the upgrader, so we strongly recommend that you read the appropriate version(s) of Upgrading Puppet Enterprise and Upgrading Puppet Enterprise: Notes and Warnings before you start, to get critical information about the upgrade process before you start. If you are upgrading from 2015.3.3 to 2016.4 as in the example above, read the 2016.4 documents.

Upgrading Puppet Enterprise

Upgrading Puppet Enterprise: Notes and Warnings

Note: The information in Notes and Warnings was moved to the Upgrading Puppet Enterprise page for PE 2016.2 and later.

The latest version of PE is available here.

Previous versions are available here.

Your version of Puppet EnterpriseUpgrades to
2016.1.22016.2.1, 2016.4
2015.3.32016.1.2, 2016.2.1, 2016.4
2015.3.22015.3.3, 2016.1.2
2015.3.12015.3.3, 2016.1.2
2015.3.02015.3.3, 2016.1.2
2015.2.32015.3.3, 2016.2.1, 2016.4
2015.2.22015.2.3, 2015.3.3
2015.2.12015.2.3, 2015.3.3
2015.22015.2.3, 2015.3.3

I’ve shared much of the great documentation to help you navigate this process, and we’re here to help if you get stuck. We’ve also created an outline of the upgrade process, which points you to much of the documentation I shared above and tools to help you get started: Puppet Enterprise Upgrade Home, which includes upgrade steps.

Finally, we also offer Upgrade Services to help you upgrade your Puppet installation to the most current release, leveraging best-in-class methodology and tooling to help simplify the upgrade process.

Suzie Baunsgard is an associate technical writer at Puppet.

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