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See what’s new at Puppet and next on the road to pervasive automation

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Discovery and Puppet Pipelines.

The journey to pervasive automation isn’t quite as daunting if you have the right tools in hand. Having a better means to discover what’s in hybrid infrastructures, and then take the management and automation actions needed to drive more business value are great first steps.

It’s why we released Puppet Enterprise® 2018.1 and its expanded enterprise-class features and the new, generally available Puppet Discovery™ — and plan to launch Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise on 6 June 2018.

What we launched

Key challenges to truly managing and automating software from infrastructure to application delivery remain, and Puppet is committed to helping DevOps teams succeed.

We’ve had a thrilling last few weeks launching Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 and Puppet Discovery, and giving a sneak peek at Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Here are a few more details on these announcements.

Puppet Enterprise 2018.1

Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 delivers role-based access controls that allow an operator to give task execution permissions to specific users and roles on specific sets of nodes across their infrastructure. Puppet Task Plans lets users to orchestrate the execution of multiple tasks within a plan using control-flow constructs that are part of the Puppet language. Puppet Task Plans also allows organizations to take automation deeper with improved security, compliance, reporting, scale, and access controls.

You can improve manageability of Puppet deployments, by backing up with the puppet backup CLI. Backup your deployed code, configuration, certificates, PuppetDB data, or all of the above, making it easy to restore that into a ready-to-automate deployment. This makes Puppet updates and upgrades a bit easier for larger enterprise deployments.

Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 includes usability enhancements, including a full metadata-driven description for Puppet Tasks parameters. Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 now fully meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) requirements at the AA level. This advancement in accessibility makes the Puppet Enterprise console accessible to a broader range of people, including those who use screen readers, work exclusively with a keyboard, or see color differently.

Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 is a long-term supported (LTS) release, providing support through May 2020. See this documentation to learn more.

It launched on 1 May, and to learn more about get started, visit our Puppet Enterprise page.

Puppet Discovery

Now generally available is Puppet Discovery, our IT asset management tool that allows customers to get a complete picture of all of the resources running across their entire IT estate. Whether in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), on premises (in VMware clusters or any servers with reachable IP addresses), or on a hybrid infrastructure in between, Puppet Discovery remotely connects to these targets without an agent and can discover the resources running on those systems, like packages, services, users, and containers.

Puppet Discovery launched today, and you can try it yourself with the free trial.

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise arrives on 6 June

As you learned a few weeks ago, there’s a lot in store for our CI/CD practice as we’re expanding it into how we manage and automate infrastructure in Puppet Enterprise. On 6 June, we’re releasing Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise.

This new add-on to Puppet Enterprise empowers users to better build, test, and deploy Puppet code, and is based on the same technology that powers Puppet Pipelines™. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise is a complete CI/CD offering for Puppet code, utilizing the same modern pipeline creation and management capabilities that Puppet Pipelines features for traditional and containerized applications.

For example, Puppet Enterprise users will have the capability to manually deploy specific changes to an environment of their choice on a specific instance of Puppet Enterprise, all from one intuitive dashboard and deployment process. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise users will be able to stand up a modern CI/CD pipeline for their Puppet infrastructure on 6 June.

Please visit our product page to learn more and request an early preview.

Better asset and infrastructure management and application delivery awaits

We invite everyone to try out Puppet Discovery, Puppet Enterprise 2018.1, and to learn more about Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. As we help customers further their journeys toward pervasive automation, we’ll be sharing those kinds of automation use cases within future blog posts.

Padmashree Koneti is the senior director of product operations at Puppet.

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