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Read Our New Continuous Delivery Ebook on Kindle, Nook and More (and Win a Free Book)

Lots of people have been downloading our new ebook, Continuous Delivery: What It Is and How to Get Started. Today we're announcing its availability in two new formats that make it easier to read on most common ereaders: EPUB (which works with Nook, iBooks, Kobo and more) and MobiPocket (which works with Amazon Kindle devices and software).

If you've already downloaded the PDF version and you've been waiting for a version better suited to your favorite reading device, just visit the ebook page again to download one of the new formats: Every version is free.

To celebrate the new formats, we're also announcing a contest. If you tweet the following between now and November 30, we'll register you to win one of 20 copies of Jez Humble and David Farley's seminal Continuous Delivery:

Win @jezhumble's continuous delivery book! Download the @puppetlabs ebook & RT this to win. http://bit.ly/cdebook

If you're not a Twitter user, you can still register for the drawing between now and November 30.

Either way, this is a great opportunity to continue your continuous delivery journey for free.

About the Ebook

We put together this deck to summarize a chapter on how to build your continuous delivery toolkit from the ebook and to give you an idea of what's inside:

We hope you enjoy the deck, and we also hope you'll download the ebook and read the rest, which includes:

  • Chapter 1: "What Is Continuous Delivery?" — Here we walk you through Martin Fowler's definition and help you understand the differences and connections between continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
  • Chapter 2: "Why Continuous Delivery Matters" - Whether you're a sysadmin who wants to keep deployments running smoothly, a developer who wishes for a faster deployment tempo with more creative freedom, or a business manager looking for a competitive edge, here's how continuous delivery practices can benefit you.
  • Chapter 3: "The Practice of Continuous Delivery" — What does it mean to practice continuous delivery? You'll learn about the cultural changes you need to make along with the technical ones, and we'll help you learn how to get started.
  • Chapter 4: "The Tools of Continuous Delivery" — Excerpted in the deck above, CD requires a sophisticated, coordinated toolchain to automate the testing and configuration management required to run a smooth pipeline from the developer's keyboard to deployment. We offer an overview of common tools and explain the benefits of software-defined infrastructure.
  • Resources for Continuous Delivery — We provide you with a list of resources in the form of in-depth technical content on how to practice CD, projects we've used to enhance the desktop workflows key to developers, and modules from the Puppet Forge you can use to manage the assets in your continuous delivery pipeline and toolchain.

Download the ebook for free today and get started down the path to smoother releases and a more agile business.

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