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Quiz: Which Puppet Matches Your IT Personality?

Every Puppet has a unique personality, including particular motivations and goals. So, too, does every IT professional.

We thought it’d be fun to design a quiz matching Puppet personalities to IT work styles and roles, and see how the Puppet community stacks up.

We launched the quiz at PuppetConf (thanks for stopping by the Puppet Test Pilots booth to take it!) — now, are you ready to find your Puppet alter ego?

Take the quiz

Take our quiz, Which Puppet Matches your IT Personality?, to see which Puppet personality fits your work style best.

If you're not able to take the embedded quiz above, you can also take it here.

Help us spread the word!

Share the quiz (and your results) on Twitter, and we’ll do a wrap-up post shortly with the community’s results.

Special thanks to Fei Guo on our UX team for designing the quiz, and thanks to everyone on the team — and PuppetConf attendees — for helping us test and improve the quiz!

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