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Puppet’s updated Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Hey Puppet people! We recently updated our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to align with the Apache CLA, which is widely used throughout the open source community. As part of that update, we also now require all contributors to sign a CLA. That means — alas — that it’s time to say goodbye to the Trivial Patch Exemption.

So what the TLA* is a CLA? The CLA gives Puppet the legal permission to use and distribute your contribution. You can always read our current CLA at https://cla.puppet.com, and can read the new CLA text here.

*TLA stands for Three Letter Acronym

When will the CLA be updated?

Mark your calendars for September 1, 2021.

If I signed a CLA before, do I have to sign the updated CLA?

Yes. Even if you previously signed our CLA, you’ll need to sign the new agreement. This process will be automated via CLA Assistant, which will verify that the updated CLA has been signed by all contributors on every pull request (PR). If you haven’t already, the bot will prompt you to agree to our updated CLA.

You only have to sign the updated CLA once. Once you have agreed to the updated CLA, future contributions to any Puppet project will not require you to sign it again.

We recommend that you review the terms and conditions of the updated CLA and, if applicable, consult your own legal department before signing the Puppet CLA.

My organization previously signed a CLA, do I have to sign the updated CLA as an individual?

Yes. CLA Assistant does not support organization signatures as of this writing. Our recommendation is to document within your organization that the Puppet CLA has been approved, and that you can sign as an individual.

I have a question. Who do I ask?

If you have any issues with the bot or have any questions, please email open-source-stewards@puppet.com.

Thank you to our community!

We are SO grateful for community contributions to all Puppet projects! Puppet would not be where it is today without the help of hundreds of open source contributors, and we don’t take it for granted. If you’re interested in contributing, here are a few great ways to get started: