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PuppetConf & Icinga: together again in San Diego

Bernd Erk At In N Out Burger

Updated 28 September 2016: Icinga Camp is now free, thanks to some generous sponsors.

It's hard to believe that PuppetConf Portland was almost a year ago. But the good news is that another great PuppetConf is coming up in October. For us, Team Icinga, PuppetConf is always a good reason to fly to the United States, so for the fifth time, we're scheduling Icinga Camp to coincide with this huge (and fun!) Puppet conference.

Don't know about Icinga? It's an open source monitoring and metric solution for treating monitoring as code, and it integrates well with Puppet. You can learn more here: https://www.icinga.org/

To be honest, I don't know much about San Diego, except these three facts:

  • The weather should be excellent during that time of the year. The hottest days are already over, and there are just 1.9 days of rain in October on average, so it's a really great time to be in San Diego. Between the ocean, the weather and great food, it's a very popular holiday destination.
  • San Diego's tech scene is absolutely underestimated. I thought San Diego's only important industry was the military. But in recent years, San Diego has become one of the most successful research and and innovation areas in the country. With leading companies in the biotech and communication industries, the demand for IT is tremendous.
  • There will be an Icinga Camp on 18 October at the same venue as PuppetConf. (And by the way, if you sign up for PuppetConf by 5 October, you'll save 15 percent off the regular price.)

Last year, we had a great Icinga Camp at Puppet headquarters in Portland after PuppetConf 2015, and we thought it would be a good idea to make the best out of our time in San Diego. Thankfully, Puppet is supporting us again, so we'll be sharing the conference location the day before the Contributor Summit.

There will be eight Icinga team members, and together with local speakers, we’ll have a great day of talks about Icinga, monitoring, metrics, and of course Puppet. Use the code PuppetConf when you register for Icinga Camp, and you'll get a 25 percent discount off the $99 ticket price. Note added 28 Sept.: Icinga Camp is now free, thanks to a couple of generous sponsors.

See you at Icinga Camp and PuppetConf!

Bernd Erk is the CEO and cofounder of Icinga.

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