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Puppet vRealize Automation plugin now available

Editor's Note: The plugin for vRealize Automation has been updated for vRA 7.3. Read all about it here: New Puppet plugin for vRealize Automation, now integrated in the vRA GUI.

I’m excited to announce that the new Puppet plugin for vRealize Automation is now available. As we first announced last month, we’ve been working with VMware to build a new Puppet plugin for vRealize Automation to help you accelerate the delivery of infrastructure and applications. Now you can build a fully automated self-service provisioning workflow using vRealize and Puppet Enterprise together.

Your servers are probably already configured and managed by Puppet. The plugin takes advantage of that investment. Your vRealize Automation end users get one-click provisioning of fully configured infrastructure while keeping the continuous visibility into a machine's state that Puppet has always provided you. In some organizations, delivering a new, production-ready database server can take up to six weeks. By combining vRealize Automation with Puppet, that can be slashed to six minutes.

puppet vrealize plugin

The integration of Puppet with vRealize Automation lets you create blueprints for your virtual machines, taking advantage of vRealize governance capabilities and using the vRealize graphical user interface. Building on your existing VM provisioning templates, the plugin adds automation for Puppet to configure your virtual machines, continually enforce your desired state and provide visibility into machines throughout their lifetime. We want to make it possible for you to instantly deliver fully configured VMs to developers who request virtual infrastructure, and this new integration makes that process automated, repeatable, and traceable.

Check out this video to see Puppet Enterprise and vRealize Automation together in action:

As always, we want to hear from you on what works well and what you’d like to see improved, so download the plugin today and let us know what you think.

Lindsey Smith is a senior product manager at Puppet.

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