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Puppet Enterprise for HipChat add-on now available

I’m very excited to announce that the new Puppet Enterprise for HipChat add-on is now available as a tech preview. With this release, Puppet Enterprise users can take advantage of the benefits of ChatOps. The add-on lets users immediately know when change is being delivered to their infrastructure, monitor and collaborate on change in flight, and push change all from the same place.

Systems administrators and application admins often spend a good portion of their day in the command line. They interface with version control systems, initiate infrastructure jobs, and monitor things from a familiar black and white prompt. However, they also spend a good part of their day in HipChat collaborating with their team. What inevitably happens is a series of copy and pasting and duplicate work being done as the team tries to collaborate and coordinate work through chat. This add-on removes the separation between discussion and action.



This add-on takes advantage of new interface possibilities in HipChat and Puppet Enterprise’s powerful infrastructure orchestration capabilities to deliver a ChatOps solution that goes far beyond simple chat room commands and notifications. Directly in your HipChat room, you get an always-visible glance in the side of the HipChat notification letting you know if something happened while you were away. No more scrolling through the chat history to make sure you didn’t miss an important notification. We also built an interactive application that lets you browse past Puppet orchestrator jobs and view the event logs of each job. You can even monitor jobs live as they’re running.

Sharing what you’re seeing with the team has never been easier. A simple push of the Share with Room button creates a card in the chat window with a link to the same information you’re seeing. No more trying to describe what’s going on. No more copying and pasting. No more screenshots.


Secure ChatOps

One of the biggest criticisms of ChatOps is security. How do you keep anyone with access to the room from having the exact same infrastructure control and access? We thought of that too. The add-on uses Puppet Enterprise’s RBAC token system to securely map HipChat users to Puppet Enterprise users in order to fully respect RBAC rules in Puppet Enterprise. So you only see information you’re allowed to see. You only get control of things you’re allowed to control.


This is the just the beginning. I hope you’re as excited as we are about what this will enable your team to accomplish together, but I also hope you’re as excited about where this can go. Please let us know what you think!

Carl Caum is a technical marketing manager at Puppet.

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