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Puppet Enterprise 2019.1: Empowering automation simply, safely, and at scale

Over the last year we’ve been focusing on building out our automation portfolio to better meet the needs of both individuals and teams that are looking to adopt and scale automation. We know that ease of use is important, and additionally, that users shouldn’t have to throw away their existing automation efforts.

Our users asked us for a solution that complements current automation efforts and helps scale beyond an individual on a laptop to a team operating at scale. I’m excited to share the new features and enhancements to Puppet’s infrastructure automation portfolio to get you started quickly and scale out your practices in a safe manner.

These updates are available now, so check them out.

How we’re empowering infrastructure automation everywhere

We’ve added a ton of new product features to Puppet Enterprise 2019.1, Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, and Bolt. These recent product improvements offer both ad-hoc automation and enforced-state management that grows with you as you scale.

With enhanced agentless and agent-based capabilities, users now have the speed and flexibility to automate anything and from anywhere, simply, safely and at scale without having to make any trade-offs. Let’s dive into these updates!

Check out these Bolt enhancements

Last year, we introduced Bolt, our open source automation tool to make it simple for users to automate anything in your infrastructure (or beyond) with minimum fuss. Bolt lets you orchestrate your existing commands and scripts across distributed infrastructure, without requiring anything except SSH or WinRM connectivity.

Bolt is super easy for engineers to learn because you can keep using the language you’re comfortable with in Bolt, right from your workstation. Now with YAML support, anyone, regardless of their skill level, can get started with automation. It also offers enhanced networking automation capabilities via support for remote transports and jumpboxes.

As one user put it, “It’s so easy, even my boss can use it.”

What’s new in Puppet Enterprise 2019.1: available now

As the need for more centralized automation grows, you can leverage what you’ve built in Bolt to adopt enterprise level practices and enforce governance and auditability from a centralized server.

Enhanced Agentless features powered by Bolt

Users can now run all of their automation Tasks without requiring an agent. Additionally inventory management enhancements allow users to add targets using SSH and winRM transports and save and reuse credentials with simplicity right from the Puppet Enterprise console. Store agentless infrastructure alongside the rest of your estate and scale out your automation across more targets.

Expanded scheduling options

We’ve added the ability to schedule Puppet Runs and Bolt Tasks and view them alongside the rest of your job history. With support for recurring schedules and the ability to run jobs at a later date directly from the Puppet Enterprise console, scheduling within change windows becomes easy and straightforward.

#### Extended agentless network automation capabilities. In addition to the agentless capabilities we introduced in October of 2018 we’ve extended these capabilities to support agentless automation of network devices.
  • Cisco NX-OS module: Increase productivity through automated processes – Set up new infrastructure, provision devices, manage devices at scale, and apply security policies in an automated manner.
  • Palo Alto Module: Manage Palo Alto firewalls using a desired state management (get / create / update / delete services, security rules etc.). This module also provides users with sample manifests that are consistent with Palo Alto Networks best practices.
  • Cisco IOS module: Manage Cisco IOS devices with both desired state management of a standard set of functions on network devices and a task-based workflow for issuing standard commands to the devices.

Adopt Continuous Delivery (CD) practices directly from Puppet Enterprise

Within 30 minutes, you can install a new instance of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise and set up a pipeline to continuously deliver your Puppet code. Default pipelines help guide you if you’re just getting started, pre-built jobs increase your time to value right out of the box. Learn more about Continuous Delivery for PE or start a new trial here.

Extended capabilities of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

As you are building a solid foundation of automation with multiple teams contributing, you can simplify that additional complexity safely with continuous delivery workflows. Key features include:

Module delivery pipelines

Enable teams to safely own the automation code for the infrastructure services or the application deployments they own. Easily scale Puppet automation across multiple teams and protect mission critical Puppet environments with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise Protected Environments.

Introducing Impact Analysis

Assess the impact of a proposed Puppet code change before deploying any code changes. Ensure the changes only affect the intended configurations on the infrastructure targets and that the changes are being deployed safely.

Simplifying Puppet Deployments in Continuous Delivery for PE

Enables non-Puppet experts to deploy infrastructure changes and perform rolling deployments to ensure changes are deployed safely. Simplified Puppet Deployments for Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise are purpose built to automatically perform git management, Code Manager deployments, orchestrator jobs, and Node Manager manipulations so you don’t have to.

With this new release and enhancements to Bolt and Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, we continue to build a complete end to end automation solution. Beyond offering an easy and fast way to get started, with Puppet, you no longer need to cobble together multiple tools to meet your needs.

The integration between Bolt and Puppet Enterprise is seamless and there’s no longer a need to roll your own continuous delivery (CD) workflow because you have Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Puppet is the only solution that offers the ability to scale beyond individuals to multiple teams with the reassurance that your changes are safe.

See 2019.1 at work

If you’re heading to RedHat Summit 2019, come visit us at booth #430. We can talk (automation) shop, introduce you to Bolt, and hook you up with some cool swag. If you’re not heading to RedHat Summit, and want to hear about our recent product updates, and how we’re empowering automation simply, safely and at scale, join us on the Puppet Community Slack.

Yasmin Rajabi is a Product Manager at Puppet.

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