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Pro Puppet, Second Edition

We are proud to announce the publication of the second edition of Pro Puppet from Apress. The first edition, by James Turnbull and Jeff McCune, was a bestseller and one of the most read Puppet books available. We did our best to retain the quality and tone of the first book in this newly updated edition.

Much has changed in the Puppet landscape since the original book came out in 2011. At that time, Puppet 2.6 had just come out, and the Puppet Enterprise product was still very young. Since then, we've had major changes in Puppet 2.7 and 3.x, Hiera has been introduced, Puppet Dashboard has gone EOL, and Puppet Enterprise has become a tool on its own. MCollective went through a major version number change and inheritance went from "popular" to "recommended against."

Pro Puppet, 2nd Ed.

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Modules and code, too, have gone through their changes. Puppet now has a linter and a number of real test systems. Vagrant has changed the game for Puppet development, and Puppet-cucumber has gone away. The Puppet Forge has developed both in technology and in the quality of the code available on it. There are now 1,700+ modules on the Forge from 500+ unique authors, not counting all the code available on GitHub. TravisCI put an enterprise-grade continuous integration system behind every module.

We've done our very best to capture a snapshot of the Puppet ecosystem as it is in late 2013. Some of the breadth of our topic has required some discussion to be more shallow than we would have liked. However, most of the examples in this book are made to be followed along with in your shell. The techniques presented are real techniques used by real Puppet professionals, and the tools introduced are the absolute best tools for the job.

This book is for people just joining the Puppet community. The first several chapters take you through installation of Puppet, writing Puppet code, and deploying Puppet code to the puppet master. An entire chapter at the end is dedicated to Hiera. We also show you how to use Geppetto, the Puppet IDE.

This book is also for seasoned professionals. It is jammed with expert advice, and contains fully developed chapters on scaling Puppet and MCollective. This book will show you how to use rspec-puppet, rspec-system, and TravisCI to make your modules rock solid and easy for others to contribute to.

Writing this book has been a fun and rewarding experience, and we are thankful that we were given the opportunity to write it. We hope you enjoy it.

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Puppet Labs is pleased to offer a free chapter from Pro Puppet. The chapter includes great information on Puppet tools and integrations: Learn how to publish modules to the Puppet Forge, use R10K to manage Puppet environments, test your Puppet modules with rspec-puppet and more.

The Pro Puppet giveaway is over! Pro Puppet can be purchased directly from Apress.