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Pleased to Announce Our New Continuous Delivery Ebook

Our new continuous delivery ebook is here and ready to download.

Continuous delivery has had our attention for a while, both as a set of technical ideas that touch on things we care about — the power of automation, the value of software-defined infrastructure —and as a change in the way we do things that will sound familiar to anyone who's advocated for DevOps culture and practices.

It's not hard to see that people in the Puppet community share our interest.

One of the breakout successes of PuppetConf 2013 was our one-day continuous delivery track, which featured a short but potent list of presentations, ranging from defining it at all (Eric Shamow's excellent "What Is This Continuous Delivery Thing Anyway?") to explanations of the nuts and bolts of continuous integration for infrastructure. During PuppetConf we presented demos of some ideas we've had about how continuous delivery could fit into Puppet Enterprise, and it was hard to push up to the table to get a look.

Awareness of continuous delivery is growing outside the Puppet community, too. Just last week, a group of us attended FlowCon. It was hard to miss how engaged everybody was, and the sorts of questions we were fielding at our table reflected a healthy mix of the technical and the cultural.

One ops engineer I talked to had no doubt in his mind that pieces of the CD toolchain he was sketching out absolutely had to work for both his team and the developers down the hall. He was eager to talk about configuration management—and I was happy to show him around a small collection of Puppet manifests and offer him a tour of Hiera. It was cool to hear so much of that basic "DevOps 101" understanding of the cultural requirements around CD mixed in with all the nuts and bolts of keeping dev and test in sync.

It would be fun to end the anecdote with, "so we flew right home and whipped up an ebook about CD," but the fact is that we've been working on one for a little while, and it just wasn't quite ready to share at FlowCon. Today, though, it is.

Continuous Delivery: What It Is and How to Get Started is all about how we look at CD: How we understand it, why we think it's valuable to you and your business, and how you can get started implementing its practices. It's free to download.

At 25 pages long, it's not meant to be a replacement for your copy of Jez Humble and David Farley's Continuous Delivery. Instead, we'd love it if you'd read it and then continue learning. It's a huge discipline that can take organizations months or more to implement. Our goal was to make the topic accessible, then help get you started on your journey to smoother deployments and more agility.

What's Inside

We broke the book into four chapters and a resources list:

  • Chapter 1: "What Is Continuous Delivery?" — Here we walk you through Martin Fowler's definition and help you understand the differences and connections between continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
  • Chapter 2: "Why Continuous Delivery Matters" - Whether you're a sysadmin who wants to keep deployments running smoothly, a developer who wishes for a faster deployment tempo with more creative freedom, or a business manager looking for a competitive edge, here's how continuous delivery practices can benefit you.
  • Chapter 3: "The Practice of Continuous Delivery" — What does it mean to practice continuous delivery? You'll learn about the cultural changes you need to make along with the technical ones, and we'll help you learn how to get started.
  • Chapter 4: "The Tools of Continuous Delivery" — CD requires a sophisticated, coordinated toolchain to automate the testing and configuration management required to run a smooth pipeline from the developer's keyboard to deployment. We offer an overview of common tools and explain the benefits of software-defined infrastructure.
  • Resources for Continuous Delivery — We provide you with a list of resources in the form of in-depth technical content on how to practice CD, projects we've used to enhance the desktop workflows key to developers, and modules from the Puppet Forge you can use to manage the assets in your continuous delivery pipeline and toolchain.

Download it today and get started learning about continuous delivery and the ways it can help you smooth out your deployments, de-stress your sysadmins and developers, and stay competitive in the market.