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Getting Started With Puppet
Weekly Webinar: Ask Your Puppet Enterprise Questions
Get a Live Management demo, and ask your burning PE questions.

Puppet Enterprise 2.0 How To: Cloud Provisioning
Start provisioning in the public and private cloud today.

VIDEO: AWS CloudFormation and Puppet Enterprise 2.0
How to build out Puppet Enterprise stacks with CloudFormation.

Forge Module of the Month: Jenkins
One of 200+ freely downloadable modules to help you get started.

The Next Generation of Example42 Puppet Modules
Updated module collection for version 2.6 and later.


Puppet Master Power-Ups

Puppetizing OpenNebula
Provision a virtualized infrastructure.

"Stop Writing Puppet Modules That Suck"
...With these helpful steps!

Use it: Tim Sharpe's Puppet Profiler
"Find out what's making your Puppet runs so bloody slow!"

Puppet Internals: The Parser
Learn how Puppet translates code into configuration catalogs.

Taking Puppet Enterprise deployment automation one step further
Deploy a server with a single command.


Graphic of the Month
Read the blog and watch the video to build out Puppet Enterprise stacks with AWS CloudFormation.


DevOps In Action

Puppet + Gephi: Visualizing Infrastructure as Code
Use your resource graph for DevOpsy goodness.

DevOps Process Consulting
Get a jumpstart on your DevOps environment.


Puppet In The News

Services ANGLE: "5 Open Source Startups to Watch in 2012"
Reading the newsletter is a good start.

Services ANGLE: Top 10 Dev & Eng Skills Employers will be Looking for Going into 2012
Check the full list before making your New Year's resolutions.

In Case You Missed It

From Luke: Looking Forward to 2012
Design, Big Data in the Infrastructure, and DevOps.

Thank You, O.S.S. for P.E. 2.0
Puppet Enterprise didn't come out of nowhere.

Portland Business Journal names Top Forty Under 40
Big thanks to the PBJ.


Puppet Camps

Feb 3

March 23

March 28

Upcoming Events

Puppet Enterprise 2.0 Q&A webinars
Fri, Jan 13

SCALE 10X - Los Angeles
Fri, Jan 20 - Sun, Jan 22

Puppet Triage-A-Thon
Sat, Jan 21

FOSDEM - Brussels
Sat, Feb 4 - Sun, Feb 5


Upcoming Trainings
San Jose
Mon, Jan 16 - Wed, Jan 18

Tue, Jan 24 - Thu, Jan 26

Sponsored by Netways - Nuremberg
Wed, Dec 7 - Fri, Dec 9

Sao Paulo
Mon, Jan 30 - Wed, Feb 1

Tue, Jan 31 - Thu, Feb 2


New Open Source

By James Fryman


Job Openings
Release Intern

Community Manager

Sr. Professional Services Engineer (USA)

Technical Writer


User Groups

Silicon Valley
Los Angeles
New York City


Connect With Us
Puppet Enterprise users list
Puppet users list
Puppet dev list

...or contact us directly

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