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New Splunk integrations for DevOps success

Editor's Note: We plan on deprecating the Splunk App and Add-On modules as we've implemented them into the Splunk Report Viewer Add-On. We're focusing more on the value out of the splunk_hec and Splunk Report Viewer Add-On. Please see more details here.

Last year at PuppetConf, we introduced Puppet Tasks. Puppet Tasks was built as a way to complement Puppet’s model-driven approach to automation by adding the ability to easily execute ad hoc tasks by doing exactly what you tell it, and when you tell it. The goal was to make it simple to troubleshoot systems and devices, deploy point-in-time changes, and execute commands in an ordered fashion as part of an application deployment workflow.

Additionally, a year ago we announced a strategic partnership with Splunk and introduced a few integrations and updated modules. The Splunk App and Add-on for Puppet Enterprise allowed customers to ingest and analyze data from Puppet Enterprise services such as PuppetDB and Puppet Server. This added insight offered more visibility into your Puppet infrastructure to ensure performance and to quickly diagnose issues across the entire technology stack.

This year, we’re excited to share our continued innovations. Splunk recently shared a new native integration with Puppet Tasks and Puppet Bolt with the Splunk Alert Action for Puppet Tasks. This powerful integration lets you run ad hoc commands, plans and tasks when something is alerted from Splunk Enterprise. Additionally, it can notify teams using VictorOps, providing an accelerated experience for team collaboration.

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Additional updates include a rewrite of the Splunk Add-on for Puppet Enterprise, and the remastering of visualizations of the Splunk App for Puppet Enterprise. The additional visibility includes more stability and offers more robust use of new datasets.

We’re always excited to partner with Splunk on new integrations to help customers automate and accelerate their DevOps success. To learn more about how we’re working together, come see us at Splunk .conf (booth #M 56) and hear us speak at not one but two great sessions (which also happen to be at the exact same time): 2018 State of DevOps Expert Panel and Automate Your IT! Moving Faster with Puppet and Splunk. And don’t miss Splunk’s talk at Puppetize Live in San Francisco (or on the live stream) on 9 October: Scaling Splunk Cloud with Puppet Enterprise.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to download the 2018 State of DevOps Report, co-authored and co-presented by Splunk. This years report focuses on the “how” to get started or unstuck as you scale DevOps success across your business.

Chris Barker is a senior principal integration engineer at Puppet.

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