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Learn to use command line, Vim and Git with our new guide


The Tools for Learning Puppet

Sure, I know most folks reading this blog are already fully comfortable in the realm of Linux-ey tools. Nevertheless, there's a whole world of people who would like to start working with code, but aren't yet familiar with tools like the command line interface (CLI); text editors like Vim; and Git, used by so many people to share and collaborate on code. And lots of people who'd like to learn Puppet (for example, many Windows admins) aren't necessarily using these on a regular basis.

That's why Tiffany Longworth set out to help people learn these fundamental tools. As someone who has taught herself many technical skills, Tiffany is familiar with the table-flip frustration that can overcome even the most dedicated and persistent person at critical moments. So she walked herself step by step through the early learning stages for CLI, Vim and Git, coming up with some nice analogies for basic concepts — for example, thinking of a repository as a suitcase you're packing for a trip. Then she invited her cat, the Duke, along for the ride. (Knowing cats as I do, I suspect Duke just wouldn't stay off the keyboard, and rather than just getting cross about it, Tiffany simply incorporated him.)

If you (or any of your friends) want to learn Puppet, and first need to get comfortable with CLI, Vim or Git, we think you'll enjoy the fresh style and great cat pix you'll find in The Tools for Learning Puppet. Let us know how it works for you!

Aliza Earnshaw is managing editor at Puppet.

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