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Introducing Puppet Enterprise® 2019

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Puppet Enterprise 2019 and Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise 2.0. We’ve focused this release on the ability to automate complex, heterogeneous infrastructure quickly and remotely — no agents required.

For Puppet Enterprise 2019, we’ve combined our robust ongoing agent-based solution with an agentless option that gives customers the ability to automate faster. Additional features include job flexibility and stepped up secrets management.

For Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise 2.0 we’ve included new features to help simplify how teams bring CI/CD tools to their infrastructure.

What’s new in Puppet Enterprise 2019

  • Remote transports in Orchestrator: Automate faster without the prerequisites of using an agent. Now you can install and configure your infrastructure from your workstation.
remote transports in orchestrator
  • Job scheduling: Now you can schedule or run jobs off hours or during maintenance windows, eliminating the need to run one-off jobs at inconvenient times.
job scheduling
  • Puppet 6 Platform: Now part of Puppet Enterprise 2019, the Puppet 6 Platform offers enhancements for secrets management, an improved certificate authority, and a modernized Resource API to help authors create modules with types and providers.

What’s new in Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise 2.0

We released the first version back in April as a way to build and visualize powerful workflows for testing and promoting Puppet code. The latest release adds significant new functionality based on user feedback.

  • Impact analysis reports for pull requests: Teams can review new and proposed Puppet code changes in pull requests to quickly assess the risk a change will pose to their environment. Low-risk changes can be quickly approved and deployed, while enabling more scrutiny for higher-risk changes.
impact anlysis reports for prs
  • Docker-based job execution: Run jobs in Docker containers to simplify the configuration requirements for job hardware.
docker based job eecution crop
  • Pre-built starter code testing jobs: Significantly reduce the time it takes to build CI/CD pipelines for your infrastructure, with fully included, pre-built code quality validation jobs that enable you to rapidly build code testing and promotion pipelines without needing to start from scratch.
pre built starter code testing jobs
  • Easy, flexible installation via virtual appliance: OVA virtual appliance image enables you to rapidly install and run Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise and its immediate dependencies to simplify installation and initial configuration.

We’re really excited for this release as it helps organizations scale their automation efforts safely and securely. Paired with the release, we're launching a new training course, Getting Started with Puppet, which was specifically designed to help users new to managing their infrastructure ramp up quickly by taking advantage of recent Puppet product features. We hope you love this release as much as we do.

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Eric Sorenson is director of product management at Puppet.