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How to start using the new Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. We invite Puppet Enterprise users to try a simpler way to test, promote and deploy your Puppet code across environments.

To help you get started with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, we’ve outlined a few key steps to take. Before we get to those, let’s recap how Continuous Delivery for PE empowers better, automated infrastructure management.

Recap: What’s Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise?

At Puppet, we believe that continuous delivery isn’t just for application developers or release management teams. The more your teams can standardize and scale the delivery of infrastructure and applications using a common set of practices throughout your organization, the faster your teams can deploy and generate more business value.

using continuous delievery for puppet enterprise

Here’s a snapshot of what you can do with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise:

  • Visually build continuous delivery pipelines for your infrastructure code in minutes with an intuitive web UI and automatically promote infrastructure code across environments based on your desired approval workflows and criteria.
  • Automate the way you test and promote changes to control repos and modules, so you can deliver infrastructure changes faster and with more confidence.
  • Get full visibility into changes with activity histories and audit trails to align teams and managers on every deploy, and to help triage things quickly when the unexpected happens.
  • Stagger deployments and execute rolling updates across your infrastructure, reducing risk when deploying changes across hundreds to thousands of devices.

COMING UP: For a walkthrough of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, sign up for our upcoming webinar on 22 June 2018.

How to get started

We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to get started with Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. Here are the three steps you’ll want to know:

1. Install Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Installing Continuous Delivery for PE requires you to pull and run a Docker container, then follow our guided setup to create the root account and configure your installation. Once you do that, you’ll simply connect your source control system and Puppet Enterprise instance, and you’ll be ready to go. Learn more here.

2. Test your Puppet code

Jobs are fully customizable tests for your Puppet code. You can create a job that runs any sort of test you wish, from module validation to linting. Once you set up a pipeline for a given branch of your module's control repo, every time you commit code to that branch, the jobs you've added to the pipeline will run automatically.

Read more about how to implement testing workflows for your Puppet code and see example test jobs here.

3. Deploy your Puppet code

Deployment policies are prescriptive workflows for Puppet code deployment that are built into Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise. You select the best deployment policy for your situation, and Continuous Delivery for PE does all the Git heavy lifting for you, so your code is quickly and easily deployed to the right nodes.

Read more about the deployment types supported out of the box here.

Here's a quick walkthrough of Continuous Delivery for PE

For those of us who want to see things in action, one of our engineers put together a quick walkthrough. Enjoy!

Better together with Puppet Development Kit

Whether you’re new to Puppet Enterprise or not, chances are you write Puppet code or take advantage of the more than 5,500 ready-made modules available in the Puppet Forge.

Some modules need minor customizations to make them work in your environment, and the Puppet Development Kit (PDK) can help ensure any code modifications you make –– to existing code or code you wrote from scratch –– are high-quality and ready for deployment. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise can then seamlessly deploy your quality Puppet code to your environments without you having to worry about lingering bugs in the Puppet code itself. That frees you to focus on the code deployment across your environments.

Start your free trial now

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise is generally available and ready for Puppet Enterprise users to trial and purchase. You can use the starting steps above to get going, or watch our upcoming webinar to see it in action.

Continuous delivery isn’t just for delivering applications. Infrastructure teams can now bring the same practices to the way they manage their Puppet code — a big step forward on the path toward pervasive automation.

Rahul Singh is a vice president of engineering at Puppet.