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How Puppet helps government agencies with STIG compliance

If you've ever had to deal with incorporating strict security standards into software, you'll recognize the situation described by software developer Kathy Lee in the video below. Kathy works for a U.S. government agency, and she talks about how difficult it is to comply with all the STIGs — or Security Technical Implementation Guides — that apply to her agency, and how expensive it is when you don't.

Once her agency began using Puppet Enterprise, it went from 30 percent compliance to 98 percent compliance with the relevant STIGs — and saved a lot of money that the agency used to pay for non-compliance. And Puppet is used to manage both the Linux and Windows resources in the agency.

If you find Kathy's story interesting, I invite you to browse through the rest of the videos in our Resource Library and learn about continuous compliance.

Aliza Earnshaw is the editorial director at Puppet.

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