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Getting started with agentless automation in PE 2019

Getting started with automation can be tricky. Often times, it includes coordination from both a technical and an organizational standpoint, and then the upfront work of adopting a new tool. If you’re just getting started with automation or maybe you have a simple project, like a list of hosts that needs to be managed now, and not later, you need something lightweight and simple, with little overhead.

When we announced Puppet Enterprise 2019, we were extremely excited to offer new tools to help customers accelerate their time to automation on day one. This new release now combines a remote, agentless offering with a robust ongoing agent-based solution, giving customers the flexibility to adapt and scale with their automation needs.

Lightning-fast automation powered by Bolt

Our robust orchestration capabilities in PE 2019 are powered by Bolt under the hood. As a quick recap, Bolt is our agentless, multi-platform automation tool that allows you to get started with infrastructure automation with no agent software or Puppet knowledge. Bolt is driven through a command line interface (CLI) and connects to remote systems via SSH and WinRM. Now that Bolt is 1.0 its fully supported with a Puppet Enterprise license.

As you take your journey towards devops evolution, Puppet is there to help you every step of the way.

How to get started with agentless automation

All that’s needed is a list of hosts to get started. With a newly expanded agentless capability, users can get started with simple tasks againsts hosts in their environment as an onramp to mature automation. Utilizing standard transports like SSH, and WinRM, Puppet Enterprise can remotely automate any type of infrastructure without having an agent installed. Giving insight into changes, governance and control on infrastructure, with a broadened scope of compatibility.

sshtask v with highlight

It becomes as easy as choosing a task, selecting your hosts, and adding credentials to get started with automation. This means on day one you can start automating right away reusing the content and workflows you’re accustomed to as you get started with automation. It also makes it very easy to expand your infrastructure automation to targets that were once difficult to reach.

Changes can be pushed out on demand across targets that don’t have software installed, for things like updating a package or restarting a server. We’ve also made it even easier to install our agents right from the console, making ongoing enforcement more accessible to those getting started.

With a combined agentless and agent based approach PE grows with your needs. Whether you do something once to a node that may be short lived, or enforce a change over time to ensure compliance across your infrastructure, Puppet offers the simple workflows to get you started and help you grow as you scale.

Get started today (for free)

Try out Puppet Enterprise 2019 with ten free nodes, and start automating away simple tasks in your environment. If you want to catch up with what’s all in Puppet Enterprise 2019, review our announcement article and watch this presentation about it from our recent Puppetize Live event.

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