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Fueling Growth: Puppet Labs Closes $40M Round

Today I’m happy to announce the close of a $40 million funding round, all with existing investors Cisco, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Triangle Peak Partners, True Ventures and VMware. This round will enable us to continue investing aggressively in great technology and products across a wider swath of the market.

Sysadmins in all industries are eager to spend less time firefighting, and more time shipping great software to their customers. Business executives are hungry for solutions that accelerate cycle times, enabling them to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and to quickly get the best out of new technology. We’re here to serve the needs of both the people who care for the software delivery pipeline and those who care for the business.

When I started this company, I wanted to bring the best IT tools and practices to the entire market, so sysadmins wouldn’t have to manage servers with one-off, fragile scripts, or be routinely woken by 3:00 a.m. pager calls, and so companies wouldn't have to invest massive amounts of cash in bespoke solutions. Over the past nine years, our customers have realized great benefit from our efforts: Puppet is used today to manage everything from development environments in early-stage startups to massive data centers at Google, CERN, international trading houses and thousands of other diverse organizations. This trend will continue to grow. Puppet is managing more and more of the data center — including network infrastructure — and we’re already seeing Puppet at work in the internet of things. It’s only going to expand from there.

To do all this — solidify and expand the technology we have today, invest in the technology our customers need tomorrow, and educate the wider market on the opportunities available in modern infrastructure — we need great people. Lots of talented, creative, disciplined and committed people. Our new funding round is largely to hire more of these people around the world, move our headquarters to a new location (twice as large as our current space), and give our employees all the tools and resources they need to invent our future.

If you want more of the official info around our new funding — such as the fact that it’s an E round, that we’ve now raised $86 million over five years, or that we’ve already hired a new vice president of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Luke Kanies is the founder and CEO of Puppet Labs.