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Five Tips for Getting Started with Puppet

One of the most popular videos from last year's PuppetConf is Mike Stahnke's Getting Started with Puppet. He gives some practical advice on what to do — and what not to do — as you're learning how to write Puppet manifests.

The top five tips Mike elaborated on in his talk were:

  • Pick the right things to automate
  • Don't try to learn two things at once
  • Use Puppet tooling to make you better
  • Start simple... stay simple
  • Iterate

He also presented this epic slide, which presents a fully-fledged configuration management maturity model. You can see how a sysadmin can move from being an artisan of hand-crafted architecture-as-code to a savvy automator who can produce fully reusable models that can be used by others, without having to change any code.

You can find the complete slide deck, video and full transcript of Mike’s talk here.

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