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Enhance your learning and advance your career with Puppet Compass

Puppet Compass: The learning hub

We built Puppet Compass to serve as a gateway to the educational content built by both Puppet staff and the external Puppet community. Think of it as a central repository for you to explore as you begin or advance your Puppet skills.

Why enhance your Puppet skills? More than 40,000 organizations worldwide use Puppet, and the demand for engineers, administrators, developers, architects, and managers with Puppet experience is high — and growing. To support your career development, we’ve collected all of the resources you need to get the most out of Puppet including access to instructor-led training, self-paced lessons and videos, community resources, professional services, and Puppet certification study materials.

Puppet Compass is divided into three sections: a self-service learning library; a way to get in touch with professionals for additional support; and further resources to enhance your learning. Let’s start with the self-service section: “Help Yourself.”

Help yourself

The Education section will lead you to a variety of training options, with paths for self-paced learning courses and instructor-led trainings, including Getting Started with Puppet. We recommend you begin with Puppet Basics to gain a solid foundation on configuration management with Puppet before moving into the more advanced training offerings.

What are Tackle Boxes? Puppet Tackle Boxes are interactive, consultative video guides that show you how to quickly achieve common technical outcomes with Puppet in under 30 minutes. These are interactive learning modules that provide solutions to specific use cases with video animations and guided tutorials that make it feel like a consultant is working directly with you on your specific challenge.

See a demo of Tackle Boxes here:

Enter the Certification Study Lounge through the Certification section. This is where you’ll find an extensive library to prepare for the exam along with a hands-on course, a practice exam, and more information on how to get certified. In addition to the validation and satisfaction of passing the exam, Puppet Certified Professionals receive a:

  • Certificate suitable for framing
  • Digital badge issued by Credly

This certification badge, which can be verified online by prospective employers, is a digital representation of Puppet competency that can be added to your LinkedIn profile, email signature, and social media profile, or embedded in your website.

Visit the Puppet Forge to gain access to over 6,800 modules created by Puppet, our partners, and community, and automate more of your infrastructure with less effort—why reinvent the wheel when we already have modules to do the work for you? With step-by-step guides and tutorials, Puppet Forge provides a platform for you to grow your skills with Puppet, whatever your current level.

The Documentation button is probably pretty self-explanatory—it’s where you’ll find the technical docs for every commercial and open source Puppet product and solution, with support for specific use cases.

And finally, you’ll have access to Knowledge Base, a self-service portal that empowers you to find solutions to specific problems in an extensive library of educational resources created and curated by our support team.

Let us help you

If you’re looking for customized guidance or solutions from our team of Puppet professionals, navigate down to the “Let us help you” section where you’ll find two buttons.

Puppet Professional Services is the place to go when you’re looking for longer term support for your Puppet product. Work with Puppet experts to start automating, scale DevOps, accelerate delivery, integrate your toolchain, and harden your infrastructure.

Puppet Support is where you’ll have access to dedicated professionals who will work with you to troubleshoot technical issues and resolve your burning questions.

What kind of “other resources?”

All kinds! Check out TechTalks, a series of on-demand webinars that walk you through specific use cases, answer common questions, and provide demos and tutorials, or visit the Puppet YouTube channel to watch past talks on feature updates and stories from users like you. You’ll also find links to the Puppet blog, the Pulling the Strings podcast, and an invitation to join the Puppet Community with information about Slack, Puppet Champions, Puppet Test Pilots, and how to contribute content.

How to make Puppet Compass work for you

Puppet Compass was designed for both current and prospective Puppet users. If you’re interested in trying out Puppet, Puppet Compass is the perfect place to explore beginner content, get the basics answered, and build a foundation of knowledge. If you’re an active Puppet user, think of Puppet Compass as your personal homepage for tools and solutions to advance your learning and enhance your skills.

Puppet Compass is the place to find answers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to education (at) puppet (dot) com with feedback—we’d love to hear from you!

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