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Diving into Bolt at Puppetize PDX

Since it launched in 2017, Bolt, our open-source orchestration tool, has gained a loyal following. As the Bolt product manager, I’m really proud to see the impact it’s making within the Puppet community. It was especially cool to see Bolt emerge as a theme at our user conference, Puppetize PDX — from sold-out training workshops and breakout sessions to hallway conversations and Bolt stickers on laptops.

Bolt is the future of Puppet reimagined for the current infrastructure landscape. It’s the best way to take the power of Puppet and lower the barrier to entry for all to get started with automation. Puppetize PDX was full of people sharing Bolt use cases and knowledge. Check out the following talks to learn how people are using Bolt and why they love it.

Bolt best practices

There are many ways to deploy an Apache server, but which one is the right way? How can users get the most out of Bolt, without all the heavy lifting? Start making your plans and tasks shareable using Bolt's built-in content and features, understand the pitfalls to avoid, and learn best practices for writing robust code. Improving your infrastructure automation is easier with guidelines for the dos and don'ts.

What's the right way to skin a cat? Lucy Wyman, senior software engineer at Puppet discusses best practices and insider tips for developing Bolt content and working with the task runner.

Automated patching with Bolt

Patch management tends to be a big problem in infrastructure. Encore Technologies experienced this journey firsthand to automate the patch management of their infrastructure. As a result, they've built a new Puppet module that can be used as a framework for patch management with Bolt and Puppet. It all starts with simplifying architecture, phasing the approach and doing the implementation.

In this talk, Nick Maludy, DevOps manager at Encore Technologies, describes the pain points of patching systems and how to make it easy to automate using Bolt.

Bolt internals deep dive

Curious how Bolt handles different types of connections or how it interacts with the Puppet language? Get into the guts of Bolt to learn more about how the plug-in extension points work and how all the pieces fit together. From how Bolt itself is structured to how the team develops new features, becoming a part of the Bolt ecosystem has never been easier.

Alex Dreyer, senior principal software engineer, walks through the internals of Bolt for those who want to start contributing or just want a better understanding of how things work under the hood.

Puppet Enterprise (powered by Bolt)

The latest release of Puppet Enterprise includes a range of new features enabled by Bolt technology. With orchestration capabilities to automate complex workflows and improved management of agentless nodes and network devices, Puppet Enterprise has expanded beyond the use case of configuration management, making it easy to do all of your automation within the same workflows.

I teamed up with Branan Riley, senior software engineer, to highlight and demo the new features that are powered by Bolt.

Yasmin Rajabi is a principal product manager at Puppet.

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