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The latest version of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, the CI/CD tool for your Puppet code, now enables you to view the results of jobs and deployments directly in your source control repositories alongside the commits or pull requests that triggered them.

When you or your Puppet code developers submit a pull request (or merge request for GitLab) for proposed changes to their mainline production Puppet code, the relevant pipeline in Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise is automatically triggered with the results of each Puppet code test and trial deploy posted to the relevant commit in GitHub, GitHub Enterprise or GitLab. Now, the results of Puppet code tests and trial deployments can be seen in the same place as the proposed code changes.

This new feature in version 1.3.0 makes it easier for you to see all the details related to an infrastructure change right in the code repository while Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise tracks all commits through user-created pipelines, which make it easy to test, deploy and roll back changes to different environments.

Screenshot of new Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise feature in action

See all the updates in the Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise 1.3.0 release notes, and download and try it for free today.

John Tonello is a senior technical marketing manager at Puppet.

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