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Celebrating community at Puppetize Digital 2021

Building community at Puppet

Hey there! I’m really looking forward to seeing you at Puppetize Digital 2021.

One of my favorite parts of working for Puppet and participating in our ecosystem is the rich and engaging community. From the early days when I was asking more questions than I could ever dream of answering, to now where I've somehow become an expert and an authority on some topics, this group of wonderful human beings has been as friendly and helpful as one could ever ask for. Along the way, I've had some amazing opportunities to participate in some really cool projects. I've helped write a few books, I've written code that ended up running a telescope in Chile and on the Space Station, and I've watched friends (I can call you all friends now, can't I?) build some really cool things all over the world.

But some of my favorite community memories have been the events. Do you remember the Werewolf games that Dawn would host in the basement? Or the DynDNS DDOS that took out PuppetConf 2016 and killed so many demos? I don't think I've ever used so many sticky notes in my life. One year I even got into a debate about whether Puppet's CA was complete enough to use as a general purpose secrets service and built the first version of node_encrypt as a proof-of-concept.

It will be another year at least before we can make in-person memories again, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun at Puppetize Digital. I'll be talking about writing secure Puppet code, but there will be a whole line-up of other sessions that are actually interesting ;-) .

What I’m looking forward to at Puppetize Digital 2021

Puppetize Digital will be hosted three times in three regional time zones: San Francisco (PDT), London (BST), and Sydney (AEST) on September 29th and 30th, 2021.

The Americas: Community Sessions (29 September, 2021, 10AM - 4PM PDT)

  • Writing secure Puppet code
  • Why Open Source brings more value to business
  • Orchestrate everything (else) with Bolt
  • Puppet & DSC: Puppetizing and Debugging
  • Trust Driven Development (TDD): How to break the silos between DevOps and Change Management teams and shorten lead time for your changes.
  • Deploying workshop instances in cloud using terraform, Puppet and Bolt

Asia Pacific: Community Sessions (30 September, 2021, 9AM - 2PM SGT | 11AM - 4PM AEST)

  • Achieving quality end user training experience with puppet configuration management.

Europe/UK Community Sessions (30 September, 2021, 11AM - 5PM BST)

  • Creating reusable Puppet profiles
  • Deploying workshop instances in cloud using Terraform, Puppet and Bolt
  • Infrastructure as Secure Code

Talking pictures and puppies

Alongside the regular agenda, we'll have some fun social engagement like taking and sharing portraits in the digital Photo Booth. Head to our virtual lobby and take a photo with a friend anywhere in the world, or add your photo to the mosaic. Watch the mosaic build as more of your fellow community members add to it.

As always, there's the Puppet Community Slack where you can network, chat, and build lasting friendships. We encourage you to use the in-platform chat for live chitchat and the #puppetize-digital Slack channel for conversations that you'd like to persist after the event.

One thing that Puppet, Inc. is known for is our dog-friendly offices. Just for fun this year we'd like to share a bit of that with you. We have an internal Slack channel for coworkers to share candid, silly, lovable, goofy, majestic, beautiful photos of our pets, and during Puppetize we'll be connecting it to the public Slack. Watch the #puppetize-pet-cam channel for a "livestream" feed of our employees' favorite little furry friends and get a dose of doggy dopamine as we share a little slice of our lives with you. And we'd love to see yours, too. Consider the easter egg planted.

Dog owners

And maybe just for old time’s sake, someone(s) could host an online Werewolf game or a few rounds of Among Us?

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