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Case Study: Puppet Enterprise Helps GNS Science Detect, Analyze and Respond to Natural Disasters

New Zealand is a hotspot for natural disasters, and with a sparse, widely distributed population, delivering timely information about natural disasters is a real challenge. That’s why the South Pacific island nation’s Earthquake Commission funded GeoNet, a hazard monitoring system built and operated by GNS Science, New Zealand’s leading provider of earth science, geoscience and isotope research and consulting services.

For most traditional IT shops, a large earthquake is something to prepare for, but probably not worry about too much. GeoNet’s core purpose is to stay up and running at a high performance level during such an event, so Geo Science’s IT operations have to be unusually resilient — especially for an organization of its size and resource levels.

With uptime and consistency so important to its operations, GNS Science decided to standardize its configuration management on Puppet Enterprise. Some of the most important benefits were:

  • Ability to maintain a highly heterogeneous environment, including physical and virtual nodes running RHEL, CentOS and Scientific Linux in different architectures
  • A rich set of features and capabilities from more than 40 open source projects
  • Immediate and deep visibility into the IT infrastructure via the Puppet Enterprise console and Event Inspector

Leveraging Puppet Forge modules and Puppet Labs customer support and training, GNS was able to bring different parts of its infrastructure under management quickly. Richard Guest, a senior software engineer at GeoNet, says:

The vibrant and helpful Puppet community married nicely with the support we got from Puppet Labs. We also were able to utilize many of the modules from the Puppet Forge to increase the speed at which we realized a return on our investment.

To learn more about GNS Science’s unique mission, and see how quickly Puppet Enterprise helped the IT team get up and running quickly, read the full GNS Science case study.

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