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Budapest: one great reason to join us for Contributor Summit

Who's joining us for Contributor Summit in Budapest this June? We are getting pretty excited. And while we all focus on the technical content, the workshops, the collaboration sessions - there's something else hiding in the back of our minds. Budapest. Hungary.

So, to get it out of our systems so we can focus, let's talk about what we're secretly dreaming of right now.

I'm an Atlas Obscura fiend so the first place I trawled for recommendations was the side dedicated to the odder side.

The Miniversum

kara miniversum

The Miniversum contains one of the world's largest miniature exhibits. Not sold yet? Add MINIATURE TRAINS. This place is not messing around.

Their description promises:

  • Most of the sights and landmarks from Budapest and Hungary as well as a bit of Austria and Germany
  • Over 5000 miniature figures, 1000 motor cars and 100 trains in 14 towns and cities on the 1200 metres of rail tracks.
  • Interactive screens that show original photos of the sights on the layout, so that you can compare the miniature with the original.
  • Ability to control some of the trains and effects
  • "For those interested in technology the Miniversum control room with its huge monitor wall offers a fascinating experience to observe the operation of the exhibition."

You don’t have time to see all of Hungary, or even all of Budapest? You can see it all in one place and try to convince your friends the photos are genuine.

Miniversum is about a 25-30 minute walk from our conference venue (Budapest Music Center), and it’s 6 minutes away if you’re traveling by car.

Budapest Pinball Museum


There's a pinball museum! Not just that, but it's Europe's largest continuously operating interactive pinball exhibition (that's a mouthful), featuring 130+ pinball machines — and it's free to play infinitely after the entry fee. I'm personally crap at pinball, so that's an important detail if I want to keep my, uh, Hungarian quarters? We got so excited about the pinball museum, we’ve convinced Vox Pupuli to host their pre-conference party there, and the museum has said we can rent it out for the night :D

If you're also headed to Portland for Puppetize PDX, you can compare it to a few of our fabulous arcades here — That Big One, a premium, packed experience, or roll on over to the ol' nickel arcade if you're travelling on a budget and/or a time traveller.

The Budapest Pinball Museum is about a 10-minute drive from the Contributor Summit venue, and if you’re feeling like you need to ramp up your step-goals for the day, it’s about a 45-min walk.

Getting outside

Ben Ford (binford2k), or resident toe-shoed runner, has some tips on getting a few kilometers in while you're visiting:

For any runners or people looking to get outdoors, Margit-sziget (Margaret Island), the island in the Danube River, is a great place to get outside and it isn’t too far from our conference venue and is accessible on the main tram (lines 4/6). The island has a 5k track (actual track material) around the edge. Ben's thinking about organizing a casual 5k through the city, and/or on the Margaret Island if folks are interested!

The island is also home to the Palatinus water park and Alfréd Hajóssports pool, so don’t forget to pack a swimsuit if that’s your jam.

We hope to see you in Budapest

Budapest is an incredible place to host an event and we’re crazy lucky to have the opportunity to bring everyone here for Contributor Summit. And, if you think that attending Contributor Summit will cost you loads of cash, think again! Budapest is so dang affordable that, believe it or not, a trip here is comparable to someone traveling across the U.S. to San Francisco for a conference. Try a few searches and see for yourself.

We’ve got a ton of fun things planned for Summit and will be publishing our full agenda soon. Register and join us at Contributor Summit. We promise you’ll have an epic time!

Kara Sowles is the manager of community and evangelism at Puppet.