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Boost your skills with Puppet Practice Labs

Puppet Practice Labs: Free, browser-based, hands-on learning

Puppet products and solutions are designed to make your work day easier—and learning how to use them should be just as easy. That's why we’re excited to launch Puppet Practice Labs—hands-on, always accessible, browser-based tutorials that make it simpler than ever to explore automating and managing your infrastructure and application workflow with Puppet.

With Puppet Practice Labs, you can try out Puppet technologies—open source and commercial—in a safe, cloud-based environment, enabling you to:

  • Learn new skills in minutes with easy, step-by-step lessons.
  • Get hands-on practice with code right in your browser.
  • Test drive new products risk-free.
  • Not spend a dime—Practice Labs are free!

Check them out in this teaser video:

Puppet Practice Labs give you the opportunity to discover how Puppet can help you modernize, manage, and bring into compliance your hybrid infrastructure through continuous automation without requiring you to download or pay anything.

Where do I try them out?

Puppet Practice Labs are a series of tracks containing short challenges where you can try out Puppet technologies and learn new skills in an easy, quick, hands-on way. Each track spins up a sandbox so you can follow along with the tutorial right in your browser.

Head to the Puppet Practice Labs landing page (it's part of the Puppet Compass learning portal) and click a track to get started!

Practice Labs Landing Page

After you create your free account, the track is added to your own private Study Room.

Practice Labs Study Room

Select your track, click Start Track, and in about a minute you get access to a fully functional virtual machine that’s pre-loaded with all the tools and instructions you need to work through each challenge.

Pay attention to the time: Above the Start Track button on the track landing page, you can see how much time you have left to complete the track. When the time runs out, your track shuts down. If you haven't finished the track, just restart it and skip to the challenge where you left off.

Practice Lab Tutorial Page

The right pane shows the steps in the challenge. The left pane shows a command line—type the commands here, or copy them from the right pane. Then, click Check to confirm your work and move to the next challenge. If you want to skip to the next challenge in the track, click Skip—no one's holding you back!

Companion Lab Aids provide extra help

Each Puppet Practice Lab comes with a companion Lab Aid that includes all of the instructions and commands you ran in the track that you can refer to before, during, or after the Lab. Copy and paste commands from the Lab Aid to reuse and experiment with code in your own environment. Save the Lab Aid as a PDF to your local machine for offline use.

Lab Aid PDF Button Circled

Tell us what you think

We’re launching Puppet Practice Labs with three tracks for beginners:

This is just the beginning—we’ll be adding more advanced topics and covering more products throughout the year! Help us meet your needs— email education@puppet.com to share your ideas for future track topics.

Each Puppet Practice Lab concludes with a Wrap-Up and Feedback challenge, where you’ll find additional learning resources and an opportunity to tell us what you thought about the track and what we can do to improve your learning experience.

Survey Challenge Page

Please complete the survey at the end of each Puppet Practice Lab or send an email to education (at) puppet (dot) com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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