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Behind the scenes of Puppet’s State of DevOps Report

The State of DevOps Report is in its tenth year and is considered by many to be the authoritative source of DevOps research. Have you ever wondered what goes into researching and writing this report? Find out on the latest episode of the Pulling the Strings podcast with State of DevOps Report co-authors Nigel Kersten, Field CTO at Puppet, and Michael Stahnke, VP of Platforms at CircleCI (and formerly of Puppet).

How has the pandemic impacted developers, what trends are surfacing and how can IT leaders tackle the challenges of dealing with platform teams and change management processes? Join me as I speak with two of the leading experts on DevOps on:

  • how to make platform teams successful at your organization and what to avoid;
  • the number one complaint IT leaders have about change management and the one thing they can do to improve it;
  • why a shift-left approach to security in DevOps is necessary, but not enough.

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