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Accelerating enterprise-scale automation and DevOps with new products

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Insights. Many of its capabilities will be built into Puppet Enterprise.

Around this time last year, I introduced Puppet’s largest set of product innovations ever. The past year has been a watershed for Puppet: we expanded our global footprint with new offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Timișoara, accelerated the pace of product innovation, and forged even deeper relationships with our partners and customers.

In 2005, when Puppet’s founder, Luke Kanies, first started Puppet, the idea of describing infrastructure as code was pretty radical. Before DevOps, and before software-defined everything, Luke had a vision that infrastructure could and should be treated just like software. Today, treating infrastructure as code is the de facto way organizations manage infrastructure at scale.

Of course, nobody manages infrastructure for infrastructure’s sake; it’s all about delivering applications to make the business more agile. DevOps practices have fundamentally changed how we deliver applications by aligning all of the teams involved in the software delivery lifecycle towards a common goal: to deliver better software, faster.

Where we are heading

Though we’ve always been a big advocate of DevOps (we just published our seventh annual State of DevOps Report), many of the practices we espoused, like infrastructure as code, took years to reach the mainstream. Most organizations wanted to embrace DevOps, but simply weren’t ready to. We’re finally at a point where the promise of DevOps and the technologies and practices that help deliver on that promise are aligned.

We’ve also reached an inflection point where the gulf between applications and infrastructure is narrowing: everything is becoming software, and the practices required to deliver and manage applications and infrastructure are converging. The big shift that’s driving this convergence is the shift to cloud native. Cloud-native application architecture is a massively disruptive force in the industry today. Organizations know they need to adopt cloud-native architectures and delivery workflows, but they’re not ready to go all-in — across the entire organization — yet. Though it’s not going to happen overnight, it is happening faster than we’ve seen other big disruptions in our industry.

Most organizations have a foot in both worlds — today’s world and tomorrow’s world — and they need to be able to manage it all, scale success, and be ready for whatever’s next. Our latest set of product announcements help you do just that.

How we’ll measure success

As a former developer and CIO, I’m most excited about the potential of Puppet Insights™, the newest addition to our product portfolio, to help dev and ops teams measure and optimize their software delivery performance.

When I was a developer early in my career, I wanted to know if the things I was building had an impact on the business. As a CIO responsible for multiple teams and departments, I wanted to understand the bottlenecks in the software delivery cycle and how to fix them. Now, as a CEO, I care about the ROI of my DevOps investments. Puppet Insights is the tool I wish I had at every stage of my career, and now as a CEO, I finally have it.

I’m also thrilled to see our expanding product portfolio helping customers around the world adopt and scale DevOps and automation. This has been a big year for Puppet and we want to thank our users, customers and partners around the world for joining us on this journey.

Sanjay Mirchandani is the CEO of Puppet.

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